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Atomic-Scale Investigation of Nanomaterials by Means of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy - Hyung-Joon Shin (UNIST)

(Solving) the Learning with Errors Problem - M Albrecht (University of London)

3d N=4 Gauge Theories, Hilbert series and Hall-Littlewood Polynomials - Noppadol Mekareeya (CERN & KITP )

A Bayesian approach to inferring the phylogenetic structure of microbial communities: the case of a seasonal Antarctic lake - J O'Brien (Bowdoin College)

A Direct Coupling Coherent Quantum Observer - I Petersen (UNSW Canberra, at ADFA)

A family of polytopal moment-angle manifolds - Cai, Li (Kyushu Univ.)

A General Filter-Function Approach to Noise Filtering in Open-Loop Quantum Control - L Viola (Dartmouth College)

A general hybrid radiation transport scheme for star formation simulations on an AMR grid - Mikhail Klassen (McMaster University & KITP )

A gradient flow approach to chemical master equations - Jan Maas (University of Bonn)

A new era of survey science with the LSST - Lee Jaehyun, Oh Seulhee, Ji Inchan,Choi hoseung, Kim jaemin (Yonsei University)

A new look at the pseudogap phase of the cuprates - Patrick A. Lee (MIT)

A New Spectroscopy of Hadrons - Stephen Lars Olsen (Seoul National University )

A nonstandard PDE system of viscous Cahn-Hilliard type related to a model for phase segregation - P Colli ((Università degli Studi di Pavia)

A Personal View on Global Optimisation - H Schichl (University of Vienna)

A perturbative proof of the covariant entropy bound - Raphael Bousso (Berkeley)

A phase field approach for shape optimization in fluids - C Hecht (Universität Regensburg)

A QED Coherence Model for Surface Nanobubbles - S Sen (Trinity College Dublin)

A quasi-topological gauged sigma model, the geometric Langlands program, and knots - Meng-Chwan Tan (National University of Singapore)

A simple description of the grid cell system - Chuck Stevens (Salk Institute & KITP)

A simple effective theory for antiferromagnetically correlated superconductors - Dunghai Lee (UCB)

A stable discretization for the simulation of two-phase flow - C Kahle (Universität Hamburg)

A thin film approximation of the Muskat problem - Philippe Laurençot (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse (France))

A Top-Down Approach to Metabolic Networks Functioning - Enzo Marinari (Univ. Roma & KITP )

Abrupt Transitions and Large Deviations in Geophysical Turbulent Flows - Freddy Bouchet (ENS-Lyon)

Absolute Neutrino Mass Measurements - Susanne Mertens (LBNL)

Acousto-Optics (ch19) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

Active jamming and active glasses - Silke Henkes (Univ. Aberdeen & KITP )

Active Model B - Mike Cates (Edinburgh Univ. & KITP )

Active Model B - Mike Cates (Edinburgh Univ. & KITP )

Active particles in heterogeneous media - Fernando Peruani (Univ. Nice & KITP )

Active Soft Matter - Cristina Marchetti (Syracuse University)

Adaptive delayed-acceptance pseudo-marginal random walk Metropolis - C Sherlock (Lancaster Univerisity )

Adaptive density estimator for galaxy surveys - Enn Saar (Tartu)

Adaptive Spectral Estimation for Nonstationary Time Series - D Stoffer (University of Pittsburgh)

AEACuS Collider software for event selection cuts - Joel Walker (Sam Houston State & KITP )

Aggregation and segregation of confined self-propelled particles - Xingbo Yang (Syracuse University)

Algebra of the Infrared: Mathematical Structures in the IR Limit of Massive d=2 N=(2,2) QFT - Greg Moore (Rutgers & KITP )

Algorithm Development for Starbugs: Robotic Positoning System for MANIFEST - Sungwook E. Hong (Korea Institute for Advanced Study )

Alternative probes of photoionization time delays - Marc Vrakking (Max-Born-Institut )

An algorithm to segment count data using a binomial negative model - G Rigaill (INRA-CNRS-Université d'Evry Val d'Essonne)

An effective-temperature theory of dislocation mediated plasticity - Jim Langer (UCSB )

An elastic interface approach to failure in microcracked materials - Vincent Démery (UMASS)

An entropic approach to Navier-Stokes equation - Christian Léonard (Universite Paris Ouest)

An Extragalactic X-ray Surveys - Kim MinBae, Park Jisook (Khyung Hee University )

An Overview of the Experimental Program for Double Beta Decay - Steve Elliott (LANL)

Analysis of time series observed on networks - M Nunes (Lancaster University)

Analytic Extraction of IR/UV divergences in multiloop diagram - Yeo Woong Yoon (KIAS)

Angular momentum and galaxy formation - Michael Fall (STScI & KITP )

Anomalous velocity distributions in active Brownian suspensions - Annette Zippelius (University of Goettingen )

Applications of Thin Orbits - A Kontorovich (Yale University)

Approaches to modeling precursor lesions in cancer etiology: applications to testicular and colorectal cancers - Duncan Thomas (University of Southern California)

Approximate Filters and Feedback Control for Quantum States - J Ralph (University of Liverpool)

Approximating oblique boundary problems with Fokker-Planck type equations - Inwon Kim (University of California, Los Angeles)

ARPES on electronic structure and superconductivity of FeSe/SrTiO_3 films - Xingjiang Zhou (IOP, CAS)

Artificially structured superconductors: Loops, boundaries and interfaces - Manfred Sigrist (ETH Zurich)

Aspects of holographic finite density matter - Andrei Parnachev (Leiden University)

Astrophysical and Cosmological Neutrino Constraints - Georg Raffelt (MPI Munich)

Asymptotic Distributions in the Yule-type Growth Processes and Applications to Evolving Systems - Segun Goh (Seoul National University, Korea)

Athermal fluctuations of probe particles in active cytoskeletal networks - Heev Ayade (Kyushu University)

Atmospheric Neutrinos - John Learned (U. Hawaii)

Attosecond chronoscopy of photoemission - Joachim Burgdörfer (Vienna Univ. & KITP )

Attosecond electron dynamics on solid surfaces - new techniques, new information, new questions - Reinhard Kienberger (TUM )

Attosecond electronic and nuclear quantum photodynamics in neutral triatomic systems - Ágnes Vibók (Univ. Debrecen & KITP )

Attosecond electronic and nuclear quantum photodynamics in neutral triatomic systems - Ágnes Vibók (Univ. Debrecen & KITP )

Attosecond ionization dynamics - Ursula Keller (ETH Zurich )

Attosecond laser driven electron dynamics in molecules - Andreas Becker (Univ. of Colorado & KITP )

Attosecond time-resolved molecular electron dynamics - Marc Vrakking (Max-Born-Institut )

Automatic Planning and Scheduling of Multi-Gravity Assist Transfers with Deep Space Manoeuvres - M Vasile (University of Strathclyde)

Avalanches and complex spatial-temporal patterns: branching process approaches to seismic occurrence - Eugenio Lippiello (Second Univ. Naples & KITP)

Avalanches and functional renormalization group: Same universality class for the critical behavior in and out of equilibrium in a quenched random field - Gilles Tarjus (CNRS, University Pierre and Marie Curie & KITP )

Avalanches in Confined Plasma Turbulence - Patrick Diamond (UCSD )

Avalanches in disordered elastic systems - Pierre Le Doussal (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, ENS Paris)

Avalanches in quasistatic shear of disordered solids: Does inertia destroy critical behavior? - Mark Robbins (JHU & KITP)

Axial Vector Meson Emitting Decays of Heavy Flavor Baryons - Rohit Dhir (Yonsei University)

Axion as a cold dark matter candidate - Jai-chan Hwang (KNU)

Bacterial genomics - Erik van Nimwegen (Univ. of Basel & KITP )

Bank Credit Risk Networks: Evidence from the Eurozone Crisis - C Brownlees (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Banking and Risk - D Gonos (Barclays Bank)

Bayesian inference for sparsely observed diffusions - A Golightly (Newcastle University)

Benefits of an erratic boss: Expression noise facilitates the evolution of gene regulation - Erik van Nimwegen (Univ. of Basel & KITP )

Betti numbers of toric origami manifolds - Park, Seonjeong (NIMS)

Between Statistical Physics and Biophysics - Wokyung Sung (POSTECH)

Beyond Collisionless Dark Matter - Hai-Bo Yu (UCR )

Big Data Analysis - R Shah (University of Cambridge Mathematical Sciences Showcase)

Bloch, Landau, and Dirac: Hofstadter's Butterfly in Graphene - Philip Kim (Columbia University )

Boundary effects in interface growth processes - Nicolas Allegra (Groupe de physique statistique, IJL Nancy)

Breaking granular materials - Robert Behringer (Duke University)

Breathing, sliding, proof reading: On how to access packed DNA - Helmut Schiessel (Leiden University & KITP )

Breathing: The master clock for orofacial rhythms? - David Kleinfeld (UCSD )

Bridging the mesoscale gap - Sidney Yip (MIT & KITP)

Brownian motion in time-dependent potentials and Painlev´e transcendents: A few examples of stochastic integrability - Ivan Dornic (Sphynx & Quantronics Groups, CEA Saclay, France)

Building a Classification Model Based on miRNA Data - Jiahua Chen (University of British Columbia)

Cancer metastasis modeling at the Scripps PS-OC - Paul Newton (USC & KITP )

Capabilities & Limitations of Quantum Computers - S Severini (University College London)

Capital Adequacy, Pro-cyclicality and Systemic Risk - R Douady (Labex ReFi)

Capturing Atomic Scale Dynamics with Pulsed x-ray Sources - Sooheyong Lee (KRISS)

Case-Control Genetic Association Studies with Next-Generation Sequence Data and External Controls: The Robust Variance Score Statistic - Lisa Strug ( University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children)

Cell Migration in Densely Packed Tissues - Max Bi (Syracuse & KITP )

Cell motility and the mechanics of the extra-cellular matrix - Len Sander (Univ. of Michigan & KITP )

Change-point detection and analysis - D Siegmund (Stanford University)

Change-point tests based on estimating functions - C Kirch (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Chaotic inflation and unitarity problem - Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang University)

Characterisation and statistical mechanics of disordered foam structures - R Blumenfeld (Imperial College London)

Characterizing SNPs Using Genomic Information - Christopher Amos (Dartmouth College)

Characterizing, predicting and handling rapid and large changes of wind power production. - R Girard (Mines Paris Tech)

Charge aspects of composite pairing in heavy fermion superconductors - Rebecca Flint (Iowa State)

Charm decays and IceCube data - Mary Hall Reno (University of Iowa )

Charm decays and IceCube data - Ina Sarcevic (University of Arizona & KITP)

Charmless B to VT decays in PQCD - Run-Hui Li (Yonsei Univ. )

Charmless two-body baryonic B decays - Chun-Khiang Chua (Chung Yuan Christian University )

Chern–Simons; construction of Floer homology as a Morse theory. - Daniel Ruberman ()

Chiral rings in 2d (0,2) theories - Eric Sharpe (Virginia Tech)

Chromosome positioning from activity-based segregation - Gautam Menon (CIT )

Circuit Events in the Hippocampus during Goal-Oriented Spatial Learning - Jozsef Csicsvari (IST, Austria & KITP )

Circumgalactic Medium Constraints on Feedback - Cameron Hummels (University of Arizona & KITP )

Cluster Algebras from 2d Gauge Theories - Francesco Benini (Delta Insitute for Theoretical Physics University of Amsterdam)

CMB Non-Gaussianity as a probe of Primordial Magnetic Fields - Pranjal Trivedi (Delhi)

Collective behaviour of catalytic colloids - Suropriya Saha (IISc & KITP )

Collective excitations in the strong-field regime: A closer look to the HHG spectrum of xenon - Stefan Pabst (Hamburg & KITP )

Collective motion in populations of colloidal robots - Denis Bartolo (ENS de Lyon)

Collective Motion of Active Particles With and Without Hydrodynamics - Gerhard Gompper (FZ-Juelich & KITP )

Collective Motion of Active Particles With and Without Hydrodynamics - Gerhard Gompper (FZ-Juelich & KITP )

Color Difference of Two Morphology Types of Interacting Galaxy Systems - Tae-Yang Bang (KNU)

Combating Drug Resistance: Lessons From Viruses: Influenza, HIV and HCV - Celia Schiffer (UMass & KITP )

Combinatorial covers, abelian duality, and propagation of resonance - Suciu, Alexandru (Northeastern University)

Combinatorics of simple polytopes, their Stanley-Reisner rings and moment-angle manifolds - Limonchenko, Ivan (Moscow State Univ.)

Comparing Dense Redshift Surveys of Galaxy Clusters with Weak Lensing Maps - Ho Seong Hwang (KIAS)

Competition between internal and external drives in spatial memory processing revealed by a mouse model of neurodegeneration - Daoyun Ji (Baylor College )

Complex geometry of moment-angle manifolds - Eliyashev, Yury (Siberian Federal Univ.)

Complex manifolds with maximal torus actions - Ishida, Hiroaki (RIMS)

Complex subvarieties in homogeneous complex manifolds - Verbitsky, Misha (National Research University)

Complexity one GKM graph with symmetries and an obstruction to be a torus graph - Kuroki, Shintaro (Univ. of Tokyo)

Compressed sensing in the real world - The need for a new theory - A Hansen (University of Cambridge)

Compressed sensing in the real world - The need for a new theory - A Hansen (University of Cambridge)

Compressed sensing: How to get more for less - A Hansen (University of Cambridge Mathematical Sciences Showcase])

Computationally Efficient Algorithms for Detecting Changepoints - P Fearnhead (Lancaster University)

Conceptual challenges in QED - Rainer Grobe (ISU & KITP )

Conditional Quantiles and Tail Dependence - C Bernard (University of Waterloo)

Conditional stability of Calder\'on problem for less regular conductivities - J Reyes (Cardiff University)

Configurations of surfaces and applications - Tian-Jun Li (University of Minnesota)

Consequences of F-theorem for quantum phase transitions and stability of 3D gauge theories - Tarun Grover (KITP )

Constraining cosmology with weak-lensing peak statistics - Zuhui Fan (KIAA)

Constraint-based modeling of microbial communities and their interaction with the host - A Heinken (Université du Luxembourg)

Constraints from CFT three point functions - Manuela Kulaxizi (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Constraints on the Primordial Non-Gaussianity through Galaxy Clustering Topology - Yun-Young Choi (Kyung Hee University)

Constraints on the Spectra of 2D CFTs - Alfred Shapere (Univ. Kentucky & KITP )

Construction of moduli space via Teichmuller theory (I) - Scott Wolpert ()

Construction of moduli space via Teichmuller theory (II) - Scott Wolpert ()

Construction of moduli space via Teichmuller theory (III) - Scott Wolpert ()

Construction of moduli space via Teichmuller theory (IV) - Scott Wolpert ()

Construction of moduli space via Teichmuller theory (V) - Scott Wolpert ()

Contact-dependent growth inhibition in bacteria - Sanna Koskiniemi (Uppsala Univ. & KITP )

Contagion shocks in one dimension - Andrea Bertozzi (University of California Los Angeles)

Continuum physics of deforming glasses: From oscillatory shear to fracture - Eran Bouchbinder (Weizmann Inst.)

Contributed Talk 1: Structure and functions of the bacterial root microbiota in wild and domesticated barley - R Garrido Oter (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)

Contributed Talk 3: A functional population model of fiber degradation by the human intestinal microbiota - BA Laroche (INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)

Contributed Talk 6: Carbon source-dependent metabolic costs of amino acid biosynthesis in Escherichia coli - S Waschina (Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Ökologie)

Control Engineering Perspective: Using Optimisers in Control - E Hartley (University of Cambridge )

Control of interbank contagion under partial information - A Minca (Cornell University)

Control of microbial locomotion by boundaries and flow gradients - Jörn Dunkel (MIT)

Controlling the star formation efficiency in molecular clouds - Sami Dib (NBI & KITP )

Convergence analysis of balancing principle for nonlinear Tikhonov regularization in Hilbert scales for statistical inverse problems - M Pricop-Jeckstadt (University of Bonn)

Convergence to equilibrium in a model for the distribution of filament ends along the leading edge of a lamellipodium - Christian Schmeiser (University of Vienna)

Cooperative mechanisms for antiferromagnetism and pairing in low-dimensional organic superconductors - Claude Bourbonnais (Sherbrooke)

Corrections for Tribimaximal, Bimaximal and Democratic neutrino mixing matrices - Sumit K. Garg (Yonsei University Seoul)

Correlation between surface topography and slippage - Marcus Müller (Univ. Göttingen & KITP )

Cortex dynamics in cell division - Jacques Prost (ESPCI/Inst. Curie & KITP )

Cosmic Ray Feedback - Ellen Zweibel (UW-Madison & KITP )

Cosmic reionization and the feedback of radiation on small-scale structures during this epoch - Hyunbae Park (Stockholm)

Cosmic-ray driven winds from high-redshift disk galaxies - Michal Hanasz (Nicolaus Copernicus University)

Cosmological Constraints from Redshift Dependence of Alcock-Paczynski Effect - Xiao-Dong Li (KIAS)

Cosmological studies with X-ray Galaxy Clusters - Hans Böhringer (MPE)

Cosmology with Massive Neutrinos - Graziano Rossi (Sejong)

Counting and equidistribution of common perpendiculars: arithmetic applications - F Paulin (Université Paris-Sud)

Coupled electron-nuclear dynamics beyond Born-Oppenheimer: A fresh look at potential energy surfaces and Berry phases in the time domain - Hardy Gross (MPI & KITP )

Crack Front Dynamics in Rapid Fracture - Jay Fineberg ( Hebrew Univ.)

Crackling noise - Jim Sethna (Cornell University)

Critical exponents for degenerate Keller-Segel system - Li Chen (Universität Mannheim)

Critical scaling of avalanches, stress and spatial correlations in shear of disordered systems - Mark Robbins (JHU)

Critically connected state of active gels - José Alvarado (MIT & KITP )

Cross-correlation between spectroscopic and photometric maps - Yong-Seon Song (CosKASI)

CUORE-0 Performance, and Prospects for CUORE - Tom Banks (Berkeley)

CUORE-0 Performance, and Prospects for CUORE - Tom Banks (Berkeley)

Current Voltage Curves in the regime of strong pinning and the Coulomb's Law of Friction - Vadim Geshkenbein (ETH Zurich & KITP)

Dark matter and Baryogenesis as two sides of the same coin - Ariel Zhitnitsky (UBC & KITP )

Dark matter constraints from observations in dwarf spheroidal galaxies - Alma X. González-Morales (UC Santa Cruz)

Dark matter from a gauged hidden sector - Wan-il Park (KIAS)

Dark matter haloes of barred disc galaxies - Bernardo Cervantes (KIAS)

Dark Matter Halos of Disk Galaxies - Arunima Banerjee (NCRA-TIFR)

DARK MATTER IN MODELS WITH DISCRETE GAUGE SYMMETRY - Cheng-Wei Chiang (National Central University)

Decentralized Quickest Change Detection in Hidden Markov Models for Sensor Networks - C-D Fuh (National Central University)

Default Cascades in Financial Networks - H Amini (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Defect dynamics in active nematics - Cristina Marchetti (Syracuse Univ. & KITP )

Defect-mediated Phase Transitions in Active Soft Matter - Christoph Weber (MPI PKS & KITP )

Defects in disordered solids: Building blocks for avalanches? - Lisa Manning (Syracuse & KITP)

Deformed supersymmetric gauge theories from string- and M-theory - Susanne Reffert (CERN & KITP )

Deforming symplectomorphisms of Kahler-Einstein manifolds by the mean curvature flow - Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia)

Demazure operators and geometric mitosis - Kiritchenko, Valentina (National Research University Higher School of Economics)

Depinning concepts in failure of heterogeneous materials - Laurent Ponson (CNRS, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie)

Design of Sequencing-Based Studies - Yun Li (University of North Carolina)

Designing mechanical response with geometry - Christian Santangelo (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Detecting smooth changes in locally stationary processes - M Vogt (University of Konstanz)

Detection of Genomic Signals by Resequencing - D Siegmund (Stanford University)

Detection of multiple structural breaks in multivariate time series - H Dette (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Detection of Supernova Neutrinos - Kate Scholberg (Duke)

Determination of an additive source in the heat equation - D Lesnic (University of Leeds)

Determining the drivers of antibiotic resistance epidemiology - Gwenan Knight (LSHTM & KITP )

Diagrams for resonances in RABITT - Jan Marcus Dahlstrom (Max Planck & KITP )

Diamond Quantum Devices: Control & Signal Processing Methods for Quantum Sensing and Quantum Simulation - M Plenio (Ulm University)

Digging into the soil metagenome - P Hirsch (Rothamsted Research)

Dimensionality of local minimizers of the interaction energy - Thomas Boris Laurent (Loyola Marymount University)

Dipole Cross Section in DIS - Jeong, Yu Seon (Yonsei University)

Disc galaxy formation in Arepo simulations - Federico Marinacci (HITS & KITP )

Disordered horizons and strongly interacting metals - Sean Hartnoll (Stanford)

Disordered mechanical networks: From jamming graphs to anisotropic rigidity percolation - Jennifer Schwarz (Syracuse Univ. & KITP)

Disordered Photonics: from잹rownian Motion to Unconventional Diffusion - Chushun Tian (Tsinghua U., China)

Dispersion and Conservation Laws for Finite-Amplitude Rossby Waves in Slowly Varying Media - Noboru Nakamura (Chicago)

Dispersion and Conservation Laws for Finite-Amplitude Rossby Waves in Slowly Varying Media - Noboru Nakamura (Chicago)

Dissipation distances for reaction-diffusion equations - the Hellinger– Kantorovich distance - Matthias Liero (Weierstrass Institute Berlin)

Distribution of Baryonic Matter in Dark Matter Halos: Effect of Dynamical Friction - Hyung Mok Lee (SNU)

Double Galaxy Clusters - Gary Wegner (Dartmouth)

Drug delivery challenges and tumor resistance - Milan Makale (UCSD)

Drug resistance landscapes - Arjan de Visser (Wageningen Univ. )

Dwarf galaxy observations as a test to CDM and SIDM model predictions - Victor Robles (Cinvestav)

Dynamical impact of cosmic rays from SN remnants on the ISM and Galactic outflows - Philipp Girichidis (MPA & KITP )

Dynamical model of the Milky Way - Yougang Wang (NAOC)

Dynamics and rheology of active nematics - Zvonimir Dogic (Brandeis Univ. )

Dynamics of an oscillator bounded in energy by a Zeno-like effect - B Huard (École Normale Supérieure)

Dynamics of export share of products in the international trades - Deok-Sun Lee (Inha University)

Dynamics of living liquid crystals: Bacterial suspensions in lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals - Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State)

Dynamics of non-Markovian Driven Di usive Systems - Stefan Grosskinsky (Warwick)

Dynamics of the Leverage Cycle - JD Farmer (University of Oxford)

E volution of perturbations and cosmological constraints in decaying dark matter models with arbitrary decay mass produ cts - Shohei Aoyama (Nagoya)

Early results from the Dark Energy survey - Filipe Abdalla (UCL)

Effect of fibres on wet foams - JA Ketoja (VTT)

Effects of hot halo gas during distant galaxy-galaxy encounters - Jeong-Sun Hwang (KHU)

Efficient Full-Sky Realizations of CIB and tSZ Anisotropies - Marcelo Alvarez (CITA)

Efficient implementation of Markov chain Monte Carlo when using an unbiased likelihood estimator - M Pitt (University of Warwick )

Efficient implementation of Markov chain Monte Carlo when using an unbiased likelihood estimator - M Pitt (University of Warwick )

Elasticity-based mechanism for collective motion in natural and artificial swarms - Cristian Huepe (Cristian Huepe Labs & KITP )

Electron correlations and multiorbital effects in iron pnictides and chalcogenides - Rong Yu (Renmin Univ.)

Electronic nematic susceptibility of iron-based superconductors from shear-modulus measurements - Anna Böhmer (KIT)

Electroweak symmetry breaking in the flatland - Yuta Orikasa ((KNRC/KIAS)

Elliptic braid groups are duality groups - Denham, Graham (Univ. of Western Ontario)

Emergence of the EU Corporate Lending Network - G Halaj (European Central Bank)

Emergence of the Kennicutt-Schmidt Relation - Nick Gnedin (Fermilab & KITP )

Emergent impurity effects and their observable consequences in Fe-based superconductors - Brian Andersen (NBI & KITP )

Emergent Smectic Patterns in Simple Self-Propelled Particle Models - Pawel Romanczuk (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt & KITP )

Emergent structures in fluids of self-propelled particles - Aparna Baskaran (Brandeis University)

Empirical Bayes Scan Statistics for Detecting Clusters of Disease Risk Variants in Genetic Studies - Iuliana Ionita-Laza (Columbia University)

Empirical evaluation of prediction- and correlation network methods applied to genomic data - Steve Horvath (University of California, Los Angeles)

Energetics of Multiple Zonal Jet Formation in Rotating, Thermally-Driven Convection on a Topographic ?-plane - Peter Read (Oxford)

Energy barriers and cell migration in confluent tissues - Lisa Manning (Syracuse University)

Energy barriers and cell migration in densely packed tissues - D Bi (Syracuse University)

Enhancement of Schwinger's effect: analytical and numerical aspects (and maybe some qubits...) - Francois Fillion-Gourdeau (INRS Univ. & KITP )

Enhancements of Weak Gauge Boson Scattering Processes at the CERN LHC - An-Li Kuo (National Central University)

Entanglement and C-theorems - Robert Myers (Perimeter Institute)

Entanglement and geometry - Juan Maldacena (IAS)

Entanglement Entropy and Geometry - Tom Hartman (KITP )

Entanglement entropy of free fermions - W Spitzer (FernUniversität Hagen)

Entanglement Negativity in Quantum Field Theory - John Cardy (Oxford University)

Entropy method for hypocoercive Fokker-Planck equations with linear drift - Anton Arnold (Technische Universitaet Wien)

Entropy method in some weighted fast diffusion equations and related functional inequalities - Bruno Nazaret (Université Paris 1)

Entropy methods for systems of gravitating particles - Robert Stanczy (Uniwersytet Wroclawski)

Entropy Production in Continuous Stochastic Dynamics with Odd-Parity Variables - Joonhyun Yeo (School of Physics, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea)

Entropy-entropy dissipation inequality for the linear Boltzmann equation - José Cañizo (University of Birmingham)

Equivariant Giambelli formula for isotropic flag varieties - Matsumura, Tomoo (KAIST)

Establishing some order amongst exact approximation MCMCs - MS Vihola (University of Jyväskylä)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Space* (*but Mayank Was Afraid to Ask his Rats) - Alessandro Treves (SISSA & KITP )

Evolution and ecology in cancer biology and therapy - Robert Gatenby (UMC & KITP )

Evolution of resistance at very low antibiotic levels - Dan Andersson (Uppsala Univ & KITP )

Exact Bayesian inference for change point models with application to genomics - S Robin (INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)

Exact solutions of 2d supersymmetric gauge theories - Abhijit Gadde ()

Experience with the time-dependent Dirac equation - Eva Lindroth (Stockholm Univ. & KITP )

Experimental Test of Quantum Jarzynski Equality with a Trapped Ion - KihwanKim ()

Experimental Verification of the Fluctuation Theorem in Expansion/Compression Processes of a Single-Particle Gas - Hyuk Kyu Pak (Pusan National University, Korea)

Experimentally tuning the ground state of BaFe_2As_2 by orbital differentiation - Priscila Rosa (UC Irvine)

Explicit triangulation of complex projective spaces - Sarkar, Soumen (Univ. of Regina)

Exploiting joint sparsity information by coupled Bregman iterations - E-M Brinkmann (Universität Münster)

Exploring the large-scale environment of SDSS DR7 quasars with SDSS CMASS galaxies - Hyunmi Song (KIAS)

Extensive and adaptive genome structure variation drives the evolution and epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinent - Tim Downing (NUI & KITP )

Extreme field limits - Stepan Bulanov (UCB & KITP )

Fall Simons Lectures by Steve Zelditch of Northwestern University (Room 102) - Steve Zelditch (Northwestern University)

Feedback and accretion in star cluster formation - Chris Matzner (University of Toronto)

Feedback and Galaxy Scaling Relations - Alyson Brooks (Rutgers University)

Feedback Effects in High-z Galaxies - Avishai Dekel (Hebrew University)

Feedback on Large Scales - Nicholas Battaglia (CMU & KITP)

Fermi surface reconstructions at heavy fermion quantum critical points - Silke Paschen (TU Vienna)

FeSe: a model system for Fe based superconductors - Bernd Büchner (IFW Dresden )

Field Theories of Quantum Critical Metals - Shamit Kachru (Stanford)

Financial Networks and Contagion - M Elliott (California Institute of Technology)

Finding drug resistance genes - Ian Cheeseman (Texas Biomedical Research Institute & KITP )

Finding structural defects with soft vibrational modes: From (athermal) crystals to (thermal) glasses - Jörg Rottler (UBC & KITP )

Finite time singularity of a vortex patch model in the half plane - Yao Yao (University of Wisconsin Madison)

Finite-momentum pairing states in non-centrosymmetric superconductors - Daniel Agterberg (U. Wisconsin - Milwaukee)

Fire-Sale Spillovers and Systemic Risk - TM Eisenbach (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Fitness landscape by environment interactions inform models of rational drug therapy in P. falciparum - Brandon Ogbunu (Harvard & KITP )

Fitness Landscapes - Dan Weinreich (Brown Univ. & KITP )

Floer exact triangle, and various Floer homology theories of knots and links - Nikolai Saveliev ()

Floer homology of admissible bundles and examples - Nikolai Saveliev ()

Flows and Bicycles, or Holography for N=2^* on S^4 - Henriette Elvang (Michigan)

Foam morphology, frustration and topological defects in a Negatively curved Hele-Shaw geometry - A Mughal (Aberystwyth University & Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Formation of Massive Early-type Galaxies - Myung Gyoon Lee (SNU)

Fragmentation contributions to J/psi production at the Tevatron and the LHC - Jungil Lee (KU)

Free boundaries in fractional filtration equations - F Quirós (U. Autónoma de Madrid)

Free Boundary Problems in Models for Bacterial Biofilms - J Ward ()

Free Boundary Value Problems in Contact Mechanics - J Gwinner (Universität der Bundeswehr München)

Free Boundary-Value Problems for Liquid Crystals - A Majumdar (University of Bath)

From Boltzmann to Euler: Hilbert's 6th problem revisited - M Slemrod (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

From failure to function: Flagellar buckling reorients marine bacteria - Jeffrey Guasto (Tufts)

From kinetic to macroscopic models through local Nash equilibria - Pierre Degond (Imperial College London)

From Topology to Morphology: When Defects Drive Shape Evolution in Soft Matter - Robin Selinger (Kent State & KITP )

From Traffic Jams to Transport Barriers - the Physics of Bottleneck Formation - Pat Diamond (UCSD)


Galaxy Classification in the WISE Color-Luminosity Diagram - 이광호 (서울대학교)

Galaxy formation within the cosmic web - Christophe Pichon (IAP)

Gas Outflows and Inflows from Galaxies at z < 1.5 - Crystal Martin (UC Santa Barbara)

Gaugino physics in (unorthodox) SUSY - Sunghoon Jung (KIAS)

Generalised Particle Filters with Gaussian Mixtures - K Li (Uppsala University )

Generalized energy measurements and modified transient quantum fluctuation theorems - Gentaro Watanabe (APCTP & POSTECH)

Generating and Constraining Primordial Magnetic Fields - Takeshi Kobayashi (CITA)

Genetic architecture and evolution of artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum - Roberto Amato (Univ. Oxford & KITP )

Genome-scale Scanning of Microbial Genomic Components - Byung-Kwan Cho (KAIST)

Genomic clustering of driver mutations favors the evolution of chromosomal instability - Dan Weinreich (Brown Univ. & KITP )

Genomic epidemiology of healthcare-associated bacterial pathogens - Ulrich Nübel (Leibniz Inst. )

Genotype and Subtype independent Full Genome Sequencing Assay for Hepatitis C Virus - Charlotte Hedskog (Gilead Sciences Inc. )

Geodynamics 1: Large-Scale Mantle Convection and Numerical Modeling of it - Allen McNamara (ASU )

Geometric GLM Applied to Oceanic Near-Inertial Waves - Jacques Vanneste (Edinburgh)

Geometric T^k-equivariant complex bordism - Darby, Alastair (University of Manchester)

Getting at the Physics Still Hidden in the Solar Neutrino Spectrum - Bruce Vogelaar (Virginia Tech)

Getting at the Physics Still Hidden in the Solar Neutrino Spectrum - Bruce Vogelaar (Virginia Tech)

Glassy behavior in biological tissues - Lisa Manning (Syracuse)

Glassy Dynamics in a Cup of Coffee: Higher-Order Glass-Transition Singularities - Matthias Sperl (University of Goettingen & KITP)

Glide plane symmetry and gap structure in the iron-based superconductors - Thomas Maier (ORNL & KITP )

Global Optimisation Problem in Space Engineering - S Kemble (Airbus Defence and Space )

Global Optimization by Conformational Space Annealing and its Applications to Various Biological Sys - Jooyoung Lee (KIAS)

Goldstone Bosons in Condensed Matter System - 방윤규 ()

Goldstone Bosons in Condensed Matter System - 방윤규 ()

Government Guarantees and Financial Stability - E Carletti (Università Bocconi)

Graph-Based Change-Point Detection - H Chen (University of California)

Gravitating vortices - Oscar Garcia-Prada (ICMAT-CSIC, Madrid)

Gravitational anomalies signaling the breakdown of classical gravity - Xavier Hernández (UNAM)

Gravitational waves from a first order electroweak phase transition - Chiara Caprini (CEA & KITP )

Gravity Waves Nonlinear Excitation and Propagation in Solar-Like Stars - Sacha Brun (CEA-Saclay)

Gravity-mediated dark matter confronts astrophysics data - Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang University)

Grid cells and neural maps of space - Edvard Moser (Norwegian Univ. )

Gyrokinetic Simulations of Transport Barriers Associated With Sheared Flows in Tokamak Plasmas - Antoine Strugarek (Univ. Montreal)

Hamiltonian loops on symplectic blow ups - Pedroza, Andres (Universidad de Colima)

Handlebodies of exotic 4-manifolds - Selman Akbulut ()

Handlebodies of exotic 4-manifolds (Akbulut); On Stein rational balls (Williams) - Selman Akbulut; Luke Williams (Michigan State Universtiy)

Heavy Fermion Superconductivity - Filip Ronning (LANL )

HeCS-SZ: The Hectospec Cluster Survey of SZ-Selected Clusters - Kenneth Rines (Western Washington)

Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelation Robust Structural Change Detection - Z Zhou (University of Toronto)

Higgs Pair ProducUon at LHC and ILC from general potenUal - Ts. Enkhbat (Inst. Phys. & Tech, MAS)

Higgs-dilaton(radion) system confronting the LHC - Dong-Won JUNG (KIAS)

Higgs-dilaton(radion) system confronting the LHC Higgs data - Dong-Won JUNG (KIAS)

High Dimensional Stochastic Regression with Latent Factors,Endogeneity and Nonlinearity - Q Yao (London School of Economics)

High Tc Superconductivity: Higher is Different? - Han-Yong Choi (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

High-Dimensional Incremental Divisive Clustering under Population Drift - N Pavlidis (Lancaster University)

High-Energy Neutrino Searches in IceCube and their Results - Claudio Kopper (University of Alberta)

Higher Teichmuller Theory and Thermodynamical Formalism - M Pollicott (University of Warwick)

Highlights from Infrared Medium-deep Survey - Myungshin Im (SNU)

Hint for a funcamental theory of Quarks and Leptons - Yang-Hwan, Ahn (KIAS)

Homogeneous dynamics, unitary representations, and Diophantine exponents - A Nevo (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

Homology of manifolds with locally standard torus actions - Ayzenberg, Anton (Osaka City Univ.)

How bacteria transition from swimming to condensed, self-organized surface-associated communities - Gerard Wong (UCLA )

How cosmic rays shape the faint and bright-end of the galaxy population - Christoph Pfrommer (HITS & KITP )

How Difficult Would it be to Detect the Cosmic Neutrino Background? - Petr Vogel (Caltech)

How does the star formation history of cluster galaxies look like? - Camilla Pacifici (Yonsei)

How hydrodynamics determines the collective motion of microswimmers - Holger Stark (Tech. Univ. Berlin & KITP )

How hydrodynamics determines the collective motion of microswimmers - Holger Stark (Tech. Univ. Berlin & KITP )

How Likely is Contagion in Financial Networks? - P Young (University of Oxford)

How Quantum Mechanics May Meet Nano Optics: Molecular Cross Section Enhancements - Dai Sik Kim (Seoul National Univ.)

How should we calibrate? - C Rogers (University of Cambridge Mathematical Sciences Showcase)

Hybrid Euler-Lagrange Methods in Fluid Mechanics; glm versus GLM - Andrew Soward (Exeter)

Hybrid quantum optomechanics: a single spin coupled to a nano-oscillator - B Pigeau (Institut Néel, Grenoble)

Hydrodynamics, phase behaviour and rheology of active suspensions - Suzanne Fielding (Durham Univ. & KITP )

Hyper Suprime-Cam - Satoshi Miyazaki (NAOJ)

Hyperbolic inverse problems and exact controllability - L Oksanen (University College London)

Hyperbolic Striping on Triply-Periodic Minimal Surfaces - M Evans (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

IceCube: The Discovery of Cosmic Neutrinos - Francis Halzen (UW-Madison)

Identifiability conditions for partially-observed Markov chains - R Douc (Telecom Sudparis)

Imaging proton migration with strong field ionization - François Légaré (INRS )

Impact of a CP violating Higgs: LHC, EDMs and Cogenesis - Yue Zhang (Caltech & KITP )

Implication of ACME and muon g-2 on supersymmetry - Hyung Do Kim (Seoul National University)

Inelastic X-ray Scattering on high Tc cuprates, iron pnictides and magnetic iridat - Jeroen van den Brink (IFW Dresden & KITP )

Inert doublet model with U(1) Higgs symmetry - Chaehyun Yu (KIAS)

Inference for multiple change-points in time series via likelihood ratio scan statistics - C-Y Yau ()

Infla%on Without Inflaton - Qing-­‐Guo Huang (Ins:tute of Theore:cal Physics,CAS)

Influenza antigenic evolution and vaccine strain selection - Trevor Bedford (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & KITP )

Information thermodynamics for a feedback control with time delay - Chulan Kwon (Myongji University)

Information Thermodynamics on Causal Networks - Takahiro Sagawa (Department of Basic Science, University of Tokyo)

Information Thermodynamics: a True Exorcism of Maxwell - Chulan Kwon (Myungji Univ.)

Input-Output Device Modelling for Quantum Information Systems - M James (Australian National University)

Insights and Open Questions from Another Multiband Superconductor: Sr2RuO4 - Catherine Kallin (McMasters & KITP)

Insights on non-universal seismicity patterns from data and models - Yehuda Ben-Zion (USC)

Instability of stretched and twisted soap films in a cylinder - S Cox (Abersytwyth)

Integrable systems, toric degenerations and Newton-Okounkov bodies - Kaveh, Kiumars (University of Pittsburgh)

Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability - N Boyarchenko (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk - M Farboodi (Princeton University)

Interplay of Kondo effect and geometric frustration in quantum-critical CePdAl - Hilbert von Löhneysen (KIT)

Interpretation of Astrophysical Neutrino Signal, and the Multi-Messenger Context - Walter Winter (DESY, Zeuthen)

Intertwined order - Steven Kivelson (Stanford)

Intertwined Order in High Temperature Superconductors - Eduardo Fradkin (UIUC & KITP )

Intra-patient HIV evolution - Richard Neher (MPI & KITP )

Introduction to fluctuation theorems and stochastic dynamics - 박형규 (부산대)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Decomposing Varieties I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Elimination I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Invariant Theory I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Nash Equilibria I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Nash Equilibria II - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Representation Theory I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Representation Theory II - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Sparse Polynomial Systems I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Non-Linear Algebra : Tensors I - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Quantum Linear Systems - G Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Introduction to Quantum Stochastic Calculus - R Hudson (Loughborough University)

Introduction to the fracture mechanics of homogeneous and disordered materials - Laurent Ponson (CNRS & KITP)

Introduction: connections and characteristic classes - Daniel Ruberman ()

Ionization by strong circularly polarized laser fields - Manfred Lein (Univ. Hannover & KITP )

IR Background, Fluctuations, and Spectral Line Intensity Mapping with CIBER, Hubble, Spitzer, and SPHEREx - Asantha Cooray (UC Irvine)

Is it possible to reconstruct the first few divisions after human tumor initiation? (And why this might be important!) - Darryl Shibata (USC )

Jamming as a renormalizable geometric phase transition - Eric Corwin (Univ. Oregon)

Jets: a Roller-Coaster Ride from Earth to Jupiter and Back - Michael McIntyre (Cambridge)

K-GMT Report? - Byeong-Gon Park (KASI)

K-GMT Science Group Activities - Narae Hwang (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)

KITP Program: Active Matter: Cytoskeleton, Cells, Tissues and Flocks(Jan 6 - May 16, 2014) - James Feng (UBC & KITP)

KITP Program: Neurophysics of Space, Time and Learning(Jan 27 - Mar 7, 2014) - Loren Frank (UCSF )

KITP Tumor Board - Kim Grafton, Dan Greenwald, Gary Ponto ( MD (Surgeon), MD (Medical Oncologist),MD (Pathologist) )

Known and Unknown Confounders in Genetic Studies - Eleazar Eskin (University of California, Los Angeles)

Kpc-scale feedback in a 100Mpc simulation box: the Illustris Simulation - Shy Genel (Harvard University)

Laboratory Earthquakes - Paul Johnson (LANL)

Lagrangian Perturbation Theory : Third order solution for the general dark every model - Seokcheon Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study )

Large deviations in the Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process (SSEP) on graphs - Eric Akkermans ()

Large-scale structure of the Universe probed by the REFLEX cluster survey - Gayoung Chon (MPE)

Laser ARPES on high temperature cuprate superconductors - Xingjiang Zhou (IOP, CAS & KITP)

Laser intensity at nonlinear QED regime: A realizable scheme - Raymond Ooi (Univ. Malaya & KITP )

Lazy ABC - D Prangle (University of Reading)

LBNE+INO; Physics Aspects - Raj Gandhi (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)

Learning & Memory in the Head-Direction Cell Circuit - Jeffrey Taube (Dartmouth College & KITP )

Length and Time Scales in Glass Forming Fluids - Jim Langer (UCSB )

Leptogenesis - Pasquale Di Bari (University of Southampton)

Lessons and challenges from PLANCK - Jinn-Ouk Gong (APCTP, Pohang)

Lessons learned from operating a big metagenomics resource - F Meyer (Argonne National Laboratory)

Lifetime properties/limits of nu's - Sandip Pakvas (Univ. Hawaii & KITP )

Lighthouses for the cosmic navigation: Do quasars trace the large-scale structure of the universe? - Heidi Lietzen (IAC)

Liquidity hoarding in the interbank market: Evidence from Mexican interbank overnight loan and repo transactions - M van der Leij (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

LiteBIRD -CMB Polarization Measurements in Space for Testing Inflation - Masashi Hazumi (IPMU)

Little Higgs Model Dark Matter and Its Implications at the LHC - Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)

Living clusters and crystals from low-density supensions of active colloids - Chantal Valeriani (Universidad Complutense)

Local and Non-Local Mean Flows Induced by Small Amplitude Internal Gravity Wave Packets - Ton Van den Bremer (Oxford)

Local models for Size-Topology Correlations - S Hilgenfeldt (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Local moving Fourier based bootstrapping - F Lindner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Local Quantum-Criticality in the Dissipative Quantum XY Model With Application to Diverse Physical Systems - Chandra Varma (UC Riverside )

Localising selection from resequencing data: Linking genes to phenotypes in malaria parasites - Christopher Illingworth (Univ. of Cambridge & KITP )

Logical Foundations of Classical Encryption & Quantum Teleporation - J Vicary (University of Oxford)

Long time asymptotics of a porous medium equation with fractional pressure - Yanghong Huang (Imperial College London)

Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment - Milind Diwan (BNL)

Long-term management of tumor growth and resistance - Michael Hochberg (Univ. Montpellier )

Losing Forward Momentum Holographically - Chris Herzog (SUNY, YITP & KITP )

Low-energy nu cross sections, and implications - Hisakazu Minakata (Univ. Sao Paulo & KITP)

Low-energy nu cross sections, and implications - Ulrich Mosel (Univ. Giessen & KITP )

Magnetic domain wall dynamics and correlated activated events below the depinning threshold - Alejandro Kolton (Centro Atomico Bariloche & KITP)

Magnetic moment properties/limits of nu's - Akif Balantekin (UW-Madison & KITP)

Market diversity under Central Clearing - A Capponi (Columbia University)

Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Algorithms - overview talk - A Montanaro (University of Bristol)

McKay correspondence in quasitoric orbifolds - Ganguli, Saiball (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India)

Mean Responses to Symmetry-Breaking Perturbations in Disordered Systems - Michael Proctor (Cambridge)

Measures of Systemic Risk - S Weber (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Measuring and allocating systemic risk - P Cheridito (Princeton University)

Measuring Angular Diameter Distances using Strong Lensing Galaxies - Inh Jee (MPA)

Measuring dependence with local Gaussian correlation: Theory and applications. - D Tjøstheim (Universitetet i Bergen)

Measuring physical forces within living embryonic tissues - Otger Campàs (UCSB)

Measuring the Cosmic Shear in Fourier Space - Jun Zhang (SJTU)

Measuring the mass accretion rate of galaxy clusters - Antonaldo Diaferio ((Torino)

Mechanics and geometry of adherent cells and cell layers - Shiladitya Banerjee (James Franck Institute )

Mechanics of composite cytoskeletal and extracellular networks - Moumita Das (Rochester Inst. & KITP )

Mechanisms and the code for spatial representation by grid cells - Ila Fiete (Univ. Texas, Austin )

Memory and boundary perturbations in disordered spin systems - Alan Middleton (Syracuse University)

Memory effects in avalanche dynamics: a key to the statistical properties of earthquakes - Alberto Rosso (Univ. Paris-Sud & KITP )

Metagenomics at Second Genome - T Yatsunenko (Second Genome)

Metallic Glasses: Experimental Challenges and Opportunities - Wendelin Wright (Bucknell Univ )

Methods for Evaluating Pleiotropy - John Witte (University of California, San Francisco)

Microbial communities and the structure-function twins - S Widder (Universität Wien)

Microscopic GLSM Description of M2-brane Surface Operators and Sphere Partition Functions - Jaume Gomis ()

Minimizing interaction energies - Jose Carrillo (Imperial College London)

Mission impossible: metagenomic assembly - M Pop (University of Maryland)

Mixed order phase transitions - David Mukamel (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Mixed-Model Association Mapping in Admixed Populations - Timothy Thornton (University of Washington)

Model realization and model reduction for quantum systems - M Sarovar (Sandia National Laboratories)

Modeling bacterial surface motility - Jure Dobnikar (University of Cambridge & KITP )

Modeling Financial Systemic Risk- the Network Effect and the Market Liquidity Effect - N Chen (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Modeling jet and outflow feedback in star cluster formation: impact on SFR and IMF - Christoph Federrath (Monash Univ. & KITP )

Modelling cells as contractile matter - Ulrich Schwarz (Univ. Heidelberg)

Modelling HCV infection, therapy and drug resistance - Alan Perelson (LANL & KITP )

Modelling quorum sensing and 16S metagenomics of the human tongue - Ned Wingreen (Princeton & KITP )

Modelling the Growth of Tyndall Stars - A Lacey (Heriot-Watt University)

Modified grraviitty modells iin cosmollogy - Antonio De Felice (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto U.)

Molecules in intense laser fields: Influence of the nuclear degrees of freedom - Alejandro Saenz (Humboldt Univ & KITP)

Momentum injection by supernovae in the ISM - Chang-Goo Kim (Princeton Univ. & KITP )

Momentum space imaging of cuprate superconductors - Inna Vishik (MIT)

Monitoring systemic risk: indicators and data requirements - L Clerc & R Engle & M Summer (Banque de France, NYU Stern, Austrian National Bank)

Monolayer Stress Microscopy - Dhananjay Tambe (Harvard University & KITP )

Monomial equivariant embeddings of quasitoric manifolds and the problem of existence of invariant almost complex structures - Kustarev, Andrei (Moscow State University)

Motifs in International Banking Networks - I van Lelyveld (BIS)

Motion coordination and information transmission in bio-groups - Derek Paley (University of Maryland)

Moving Forward from GWAS through Analysis of Multiple Data Types - Heather Cordell (Newcastle University)

Multi-material structural topology optimization using phase field methods - V Styles (University of Sussex)

Multilepton Higgs Decays through the Dark Portal - Chia-Feng Chang (National Taiwan Normal University)

Multiplex Resource Viability as a Percolation Problem - Kwang-Il Goh (Korea University)

Multiscale analyses of tissue growth and front propagation - R O'Dea (University of Nottingham)

Multiwavelength survey for clusters of galaxies - Youngdae Lee, Jiwon Chung, Suk Kim (ChungNam National University)

Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics with Semiconductor Nanostructures - Yong-Hoon Cho (KAIS)

National Center for Theoretical Sciences Physics Division - XG He ()

National Center for Theoretical Sciences Physics Division - XG He ()

Nematic states of active rods: Ordering and instabilities - Xiaqing Shi (Soochow University)

Nematic-driven anisotropic electronic properties of underdoped detwinned Ba(Fe_{1-x}Co_x)_2As_2 revealed by optical spectroscopy - Leonardo De Giorgi (ETH Zurich & KITP )

Network Risk and Key Players: A Structural Analysis of Interbank Liquidity - K Yuan (London School of Economics)

Networks of Common Asset Holdings: Aggregation and Measures of Vulnerability - A Minca (Cornell University)

Networks of Curves Evolving by Curvature in the Plane - Felix Shulze (University College London)

Neural activity sequence in prefrontal cortex for sensory-guided decision making - Tomoki Fukai (RIKEN )

Neural Islands: An analytical model of the late stage of reionization - Xuelei Chen (NAOC)

Neural mechanisms of spatial cognition - Neil Burgess (Univ. College, London)

Neural oscillations, memory encoding and consolidation along the cortico-hippocampal axis - Francesco Battaglia (oud Univ. & KITP )

Neutrino mass models - K.S. Babu (Oklahoma State & KITP)

Neutrino Mass Models - Lisa Everett (UW-Madison)

Neutron Electric Dipole Moment - Brad Filippone (Caltech )

New approaches to large-scale data integration: Across-omics and across variant types - Nancy Cox (University of Chicago)

New Catalogs of the Nearby Galaxy Clusters : Virgo and Ursa Major Clusters - Kim, Suk (Chungnam National University;)

No-nu double beta decay - Tommy Ohlsson (KTH & KITP )

No-nu double beta decay - Heinrich Päs (TU Dortmund & KITP)

Non-stationary functional time series: an application to electricity supply and demand - M Eichler (Universiteit Maastricht)

Nonlinear dichroism in double ionization of He by an intense elliptically-polarized few-cycle XUV pulse - Jean Marcel Ngoko Djiokap (Univ. of Nebraska & KITP )

Nonlinear eigenvalue problems for nonhomegenous differential operators - V Radulescu (Mathematics Institute of the Romanian Academy)

Nonlinear elliptic equations with absorption. - Moshe Marcus (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

Nonlinear evolution as convex minimization - Ulisse Stefanelli (University of Vienna)

Nonlinear optomechanical measurement of mechanical motion - W Bowen (Uiversity of Queensland)

Nonlinear response of sheared amorphous systems: Mechanical versus thermal yielding - Kirsten Martens (LIPhy, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)

Nonlocal continuum modeling of granular flow - Ken Kamrin (MIT)

Nonlocal interaction equations in heterogeneous environments with boundaries - Lijiang Wu (Carnegie Mellon University)

Normal state behavior of bulk crystals of FeSe emerging from drastic electronic changes induced by orbitals and correlations - Amalia Coldea (Univ. of Oxford & KITP )

Not noisy, just wrong: the neural origin of behavioral variability - Alexandre Pouget (Geneva University )

Numerical investigations of long range segregation systems - F Bozorgnia (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa)

Numerical Methods for FBPs - 4 - R Nochetto (University of Maryland)

Numerical Methods for FBPs-3 - R Nochetto (University of Maryland)

O(N) Models, RG and AdS/CFT - Igor Klebanov (Princeton)

Okounkov bodies, toric degenerations, and Bott-Samelson varieties - Yang, Jihyeon Jessie (McMaster Univ.)

On a class of quotient spaces of moment-angle complexes - Yu, Li (Nanjng University)

On a thermodynamically consistent Stefan problem with variable surface energy - G Simonett (Vanderbilt University)

On Analytic Properties of Correlation Functions in CFTs - Alexander Zhiboedov (Princeton University)

On contractibility of Koras-Russell threefolds - Krishna, Amalendu (Tata Institute)

On diffeomorphic moment-angle manifolds - Bosio, Frédéric (Université de Poitiers)

On equivariant Pieri rule of isotropic Grassmannians - Li, Changzheng (Kavli IPMU)

On incompressible two-phase flows with phase transitions - Gieri Simonett (Vanderbilt University)

On M5 Branes - Kimyeong Lee (KIAS & KITP )

On numerical simulations of nonlinear convection-aggregation equations by evolving diffeomorphisms - Marie-Therese Wolfram (University of Vienna)

On quantum control in strong fields - Svetlana Malinovskaya (Stevens Tech. & KITP )

On radiative corrections in leptogenesis - Mikko Laine (Univ. Bern & KITP )

On Schwinger pair production - Florian Hebenstreit (Univ. Heidelberg & KITP )

On stability for the direct scattering problem and its applications to cloaking - L Rondi (Università degli Studi di Trieste)

On the classification of toric varieties - Choi, Suyoung (Ajou University)

On the flavor composition of the high-energy neutrinos in IceCube - Sergio Palomares-Ruiz (IFIC & KITP)

On the Goldreich-Schubert-Fricke Instability in Protoplanetary Disks - O. Matt Umurhan (NASA Ames Research Center & KITP )

On the Hilbert space of a \beta\gamma-system on pure spinors - Mikhail Movshev ()

On the interplay between star formation and feedback in galaxy formation simulations - Oscar Agertz (University of Surrey)

On the Massive Reservoir of Cool, Circumgalactic Gas around L* Galaxies and the Failure of Two-Phase Hydrostatic Solutions - Jessica Werk (UC Santa Cruz )

On the origin of the IceCube TeV-PeV neutrinos - Jordi Salvado (UW-Madison & KITP)

On the production of high-porosity metallic solids - P Stewart (University of Glasgow)

On the Study of Galaxy Evolution in Large Volume Using Semi-Analytic Approaches - Jaehyun Lee (Yonsei University)

On the uniform ergodicity of the particle Gibbs sampler - E Moulines (Télécom ParisTech)

On well-definedness of the local index - Fujita, Hajime (Japan Womens Univ.)

One-dimensional pressureless gas systems with/without viscosity - Adrian Tudorascu (West Virginia U)

Open Problems in Noisy Quantum Metrology - P Kok (University of Sheffield)

Optical Lattice Clock and Compton Matter-Wave Clock - Tai-Hyun Yoon (Korea Univ.)

Optimal filtering and the dual process - O Papaspiliopoulos (Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA))

Orbifold and non-orbifold linear symplectic quotients - Seaton, Christopher (Rhodes College)

Orbital or spin physics in the iron-pnictide superconductors - Philip Phillips (UIUC)

Orbitally Excited Meson Emitting Decays of B_c - Neelesh Sharma ()

Order and Disorder Dynamics of Degrees of Freedom on Growing Interfaces; and how those relate to Magneto-resistance in Disordered Variable Range Hopping Conductors - Marcel den Nijs (University of Washington Seattle)

Ordering dynamics of the chiral Ising model in 1D - Jae Dong Noh (University of Seoul/KIAS)

Organizing the bacterial chromosome for division - Chase Broedersz (Princeton & KITP )

Oscillatory shear deformation of amorphous solids: Transition from localized to ergodic behavior and memory effects - Sri Sastry (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research)

Outflows from High Redshift Galaxies - Alice Shapley (UCLA)

Outlook for chiral superconductors - Catherine Kallin (McMaster Univ.)

Over the Counter Markets (2) - D Duffie (Stanford University)

Overlapping Intervals for Predicting Insurance Risk - A Smith (Deloitte)

Overview: (0,2) theories - Michael Douglas (Stony Brook University)

Overview: Chern-Simons theories with matter - Ran Yacoby (Princeton University)

Overview: Effective field theories - Ira Rothstein (Carnegie Mellon University)

Overview: Localization - Brian Willett (Institute for Advanced Study)

Overview: non-relativistic theories - Alberto Nicolis (Columbia University)

Overview: Recent developments in higher spin gravity - Mikhail Vasiliev (Lebedev Physical Institute & KITP )

Overview: Renormalization group flows - Zohar Komargodski (Weizmann Institute)

Overview: Supersymmetry in curved spacetime - Guido Festuccia (Niels Bohr Institute & KITP )

Pair creation in external electric and magnetic fields - Q. Su (ISU & KITP )

Pairing interaction near a nematic instability - Thomas Maier (Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab)

Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo - S Schmidler (Duke Universitty)

Particle filters and curse of dimensionality - P Rebeschini (Princeton Univeristy)

Particle filters for infinite-dimensional systems: combining localization and optimal transportation - S Reich (Universität Potsdam)

Personalizing therapies for brain cancers - Santosh Kesari (UCSD )

Perspectives and Outlook in Experimental Neutrino Physics - David Wark (Oxford University)

Perspectives on Free Boundaries - JL Vazquez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)

Perverse sheaves of categories with stabilities and wall-crossing formulas - Yan Soibelman (Kansas State University)

Phase vs microphase separation in flocking models: Essential role of non-equilibrium fluctuations - H. Chaté (CEA-Saclay, France)

Physical ageing of the Arcetri model, a surface growth model - Xavier Durang (KIAS)

Plenary Lecture 11: Modelling the emergent dynamics of human colonic microbiota - H Kettle (Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland (BioS))

Plenary Lecture 13: Shock Reflection, von Neumann conjectures, and free boundary problems - M Feldman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Plenary Lecture 2: Unstaedy non-uniform base states and their stability - B Wagner (Technische Universität Berlin)

Plenary Lecture 5: Engineering microbial community architecture to set community metabolism - B Smets (Technical University of Denmark)

Plenary Lecture 7: Double obstacle phase field approach for an elliptic inverse problem with discontinuous coefficients - K Deckelnick (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)

Plenary Lecture 8: An Economic Framework of Microbial Trade - J Tasoff (Claremont Graduate University)

Polarization Optics (ch6) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

Population genetics of selective sweeps in drug resistance evolution - Philipp Messer (Cornell & KITP )

Possible X-ray Detection of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter - Michael Loewenstein (NASA)

Post Quantum Cryptography - Widening the Search - M Collins (University of Oxford)

Power-law performance ranking relationship in exponentially growing populations - Lei-Han Tang (1Hong Kong Baptist University )

Powerful Neutral Atomic and Molecular Outflows in Galaxies - Sylvain Veilleux (University of Maryland)

PQ-invariant multi-singlet NMSSM with anomalous U(1) gauge symmetry - Kiwoon Choi (The IBS Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe)

Precision of Disorders Detection - K Szajowski (Wroclaw University of Technology)

Precision photo-electron spectra: discretization, boundaries, gauge - Armin Scrinzi (LMU & KITP )

Predicting evolution from the shape of genealogical trees - Boris Shraiman, Richard Neher (KITP, MPI & KITP)

Predicting the evolution of human influenza - Marta Luksza, Michael Lässig (Columbia & KITP, Univ. Cologne & KITP)

Primordial non-Gaussian signatures in CMB polarization - Pravabati Chingangbam (IIA)

Probing Physics Behind Neutrino Mass - Rabi Mohapatra (U.Maryland)

Probing the Top Yuakawa Coupling in Associated Higgs production with a Single Top Quark - Chih-Ting Lu (NTHU, Hsinchu Taiwan)

Problems with modelling mutational and clonal features of epithelial tissues - Chris Greenman (Univ. E. Anglia & KITP )

Projection Induces Exponential Complexity in Quantum Control - D Burgarth (Aberystwyth University)

Pros and Cons of Cosmology with 21cm Background - Kyungjin Ahn (Chosun University)

Prospects and possibilities for connecting ductile fracture toughness and the statistics of fracture surface roughness - Alan Needleman (UNT)

Prospects for Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments in Korea - Insik Hahn (Ewha Womans Univ.)

Purely leptonic decays of B meson at Belle - Youngmin Yook (Yonsei Univ.)

Pushing and pulling: the molecular basis for force generation in cells - Ulrich Schwarz (Univ. Heidelberg & KITP )

Quantifying contagion in funding markets: An application to stress-testing - K Anand (Bank of Canada)

Quantifying the role of population subdivision in evolution on rugged fitness landscapes - Anne-Florence Bitbol (Princeton & KITP )

Quantitative evolutionary dynamics of one million barcoded lineages - Sasha Levy (SUNY & KITP )

Quantum Blind Computing(New Quantum Crypto Gadgets) - E Kashefi (University of Edinburgh)

Quantum control of magnon modes in ferromagnet - Y Nakamura (Tokyo University)

Quantum Disentangled Liquids - Matthew Fisher (UCSB)

Quantum Dissipation and Control through Feedback Networks - J Gough (Aberystwyth University)

Quantum Filtering and Dynamical Parameter Estimation - P Rouchon (Mines Paris Tech)

Quantum gravity effect on neutrino oscillations - Jonathan Miller (Santa Maria & KITP)

Quantum Mechanics Without State Vectors - Steve Weinberg (UT Austin)

Quantum Secure (Pre) Standardization in ETSI - G Lenhart (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

Quantum State Smoothing - HM Wiseman (Griffith University)

Quantum Trajectories in the Laboratory - A Doherty (Sydney University)

Quantum Vacuum Optics - Thomas Heinzl (Plymouth Univ. )

Quantum-enhanced quantum phase tracking and the Stochastic Heisenberg Limit - H Wiseman (Griffith University)

Quasi-Linear Wave-Mean Flow Interactions in Large-Scale Planetary Circulations - Farid Ait-Chaalal (ETH-Zurich)

Quenching in massive halos at z=2 - Raphael Gobat (KIAS)

Quickest Changepoint Detection: Optimality Properties of the Shiryaev-Roberts-Type Procedures - A Tartakovsky (University of Connecticut)

Radiation Feedback in ULIRGS: Are Photons Movers and Shakers? - Shane Davis (University of Toronto)

Radiation reaction in classical and quantum electrodynamics - Antonino Di Piazza (MPI & KITP )

Radiative Generation of the Lepton Mass - Kei Yagyu (National Central U.)

Random Financial Networks and Locally Treelike Independence - TR Hurd (McMaster University)

Ray-Tracing and Flux-Limited-Diffusion for simulating Stellar Radiation Feedback - Rolf Kuiper (Max-Planck Institüt für Astronomy)

Reactor Neutrinos: Recent Results and Next Steps - Karsten Heeger (Yale)

Realization of squeezing of single photons and a dynamic squeezing gate - A Furusawa (Tokyo University)

Reasonable names and reasonable terms for Bacteria and Archaea - GM Garrity (Michigan State University and NamesforLife)

Recent adventures in nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamics - James Langer (UCSB)

Recent progress in B_K and varepsilon_K in lattice QCD - Weonjong Lee (SWME)

Recent results about polyhedral products and toric spaces - Bahri, Anthony (Rider university)

Recent Results from RENO & Future Project RENO-50 - Sunny (Seon-Hee) Seo (Seoul National University)

Recollision processes in strong-field QED - Antonino Di Piazza (MPI & KITP )

Recollision scenario without tunneling: Role of the ionic core potential - Ahmet Uzer (Georgia Tech. & KITP )

Redshift space anisotropies in the EoR 21-cm signal: what do they tell us about the sources of reionization? - Suman Majumdar (Stockholm)

Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle Type Problems - 1 - H Shahgholian (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology)

Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle Type Problems - 2 - H Shahgholian (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology)

Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle Type Problems - 3 - H Shahgholian (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology)

Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle Type Problems - 4 - N Garofalo (Università degli Studi di Padova)

Regulating star formation with turbulence at high redshift - Adrianne Slyz (University of Oxford)

Reionization, small-scale structures and radiative feedback - Ilian T. Iliev (Sussex)

Relativistic strong field ionization and Compton harmonic generation - Farhad Faisal (Bielefeld Univ. & KITP )

Relativistic strong field ionization and Compton harmonic generation - Farhad Faisal (Bielefeld Univ. & KITP )

Relaxation Phenomena in Condensed Matter: Controlling Length and Time Scales - Yoon-Hee Jeong (POSTECH)

RENO Hierarchy+Reactor Anomaly - Soo-Bong Kim (Seoul National U.)

Renormalization Group Evolution and seesaw threshold e ects in S_3 symmetric neutrino mass matrix - Shivani Gupta (Yonsei University)

Reshaping of ultrafast light pulses through interaction with atomic structure - Mette Gaarde (LSU )

Resurgence and transseries in QFT: Towards a non-perturbative continuum definition - Mithat Ünsal (North Carolina State University)

Reverse-engineering electronic correlations in Iron superconductors - Luca de' Medici (ESRF & KITP )

Review Talk: SUSY breaking and moduli stabilization - R Valandro & L Anderson (ICTP & Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Review Talk: SUSY breaking in warped spacetimes - S Kuperstein & T Van Riet (CEA/Saclay & Université Catholique de Louvain)

Risk Classification with an Adaptive Naïve Bayes Kernel Machine Model - Jessica Minnier ( Oregon Health and Science University)

Risk-Sharing and Contagion in Networks - P Gottardi (European University Institute)

RNA virus adaptation (or not) to environmental change - Paul Turner (Yale & KITP )

Robust Engineering of Correlations and Symmetries on Quantum Networks - F Ticozzi (Università degli Studi di Padova)

Robust monitoring of CAPM portfolios beta - M Husková (Charles University)

Robust Quantum Control for Quantum Information Systems - R Kosut (SC Solutions)

Robust statistical decisions under model misspecification by re-weighted Monte Carlo samplers - C Holmes (University of Oxsford)

Sampling Strategies in Two-Stage Regional Fine Mapping of a Quantitative Trait - Shelley Bull (University of Toronto)

Scale-bridging for entropic flows in the presence of energy or noise - Johannes Zimmer (University of Bath)

Scaling description of the yielding transition - Matthieu Wyart (NYU)

Scenario Sets, Risk Measures and Stress Testing Part 1: Theory - A McNeil (Heriot-Watt University)

Scenario Sets, Risk Measures and Stress Testing Part 2: Implementation - A McNeil (Heriot-Watt University)

Schrödinger bridges: classical and quantum evolution - T Georgiou (University of Minnesota)

Schwinger pair creation in inhomogeneous electric fields - Christian Schubert (Univ. Michoacana & KITP )

Schwinger, Breit-Wheeler, and Compton processes - Burkhard Kämpfer (Institute for Rad. Physics )

Search for B^+ rightarrow l^+ X with hadronic tagging method at Belle Experiment - Chanseok Park (Yonsei University)

Search for Dark Matter - S. Park (SKKU)

Search for the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Sources : the Current Status - Hang Bae Kim (HanYang University)

Search of doubly-charged boson in the four-lepton channel at the LHC - Pankaj Sharma (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Searches for Heavy Neutrinos at the LHC - Un-ki Yang (Seoul National University)

Searching for general relativistic signatures on large scales - Jinn-Ouk Gong (APCTP)

Searching on lepton-jet, photon-jet signature for the Weinberg's Goldstone Boson Model at the LHC - Jung Chang (Natl. Tsing Hua U.)

Self-affine structure and avalanche dynamics of crack fronts - Stephane Santucci (ENS - CNRS)

Self-organization and Collective Behaviour of Active Colloids - Ramin Golestanian (Univ. Oxford & KITP )

Self-Powered Catalytic Nano-motors and Pumps - Ayusman Sen (Penn State )

Self-Powered Catalytic Nano-motors and Pumps - Ayusman Sen (Penn State )

Self-Propelled Chemically-Powered Motors - Raymond Kapral (Univ. of Toronto )

Self-propelled colloids: from single to collective behaviour - Hartmut Löwen (Univ. Düsseldorf )

Self-propelled colloids: from single to collective behaviour - Hartmut Löwen (Univ. Düsseldorf )

Seminar: Vortices in Protoplanetary Disks - Hui Li (LANL )

Sequential Monte Carlo and particle methods in inverse problems - D Calvetti (Case Western Reserve University)

Sequential Monte Carlo methods for applications in Data Assimilation - A Beskos (National Univerisity of Singapore)

Sequential Monte Carlo methods for graphical models - TB Schön (Uppsala Universitet)

Sequential Monte Carlo methods for graphical models - TB Schön (Uppsala Universitet)

Sequential Monte Carlo with Highly Informative Observations - L Murray (CSIRO)

Sequential Quasi-Monte Carlo - N Chopin (Centre de Recherche en Économie et Statistique)

Shape smoothing (and what I hope to get from the Newton change-point program) - T Heaton (Sheffield University)

Shear induced rigidity in athermal materials - Bulbul Chakraborty (Brandeis Univ)

Shear modulus caused by stress avalanches for jammed granular materials under oscillatory shear - Hisao Hayakawa (Kyoto University & KITP)

Shear shocks and failure in fragile solids - Vincenzo Vitelli (Lorentz Institute, Leiden University)

Shear, jamming, and avalanches in granular materials - Robert Behringer (Duke University & KITP )

Shear-induced rigidity in athermal materials: The search for a unified statistical framework - Bulbul Chakraborty (Brandeis University)

Shear-induced system-spanning structures - Eric Brown (Yale)

Shock wave absorption in liquid foams - M Monloubou (Institut de physique de Rennes)

Short Presentations and Discussion: Staircases in Tokomaks and Thermohaline Staircases - Pat Diamond, Guilhem Dif-Pradalier , David Hughes (UCSD & KITP, CEA & KITP, Leeds & KITP)

Signal Flows in Non-Markovian Quantum Networks - R-B Wu (Tsinghua University)

Signatures of radiation reaction in laser-electron and beam and laser-plasma interaction - Karen Hatsagortsyan (MPI & KITP )

Signatures of TeV Higgs Portal Vector Dark Matter for PAMELA and AMS02 - Yong Tang (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Simple polytopes and simplicial complexes with Buchstaber number 2 - Erokhovets, Nikolay (Lomonosov Moscow State Univ.)

Simulating GMC and star cluster formation: setting the stage for radiative feedback - Ralph Pudritz (McMaster Univ. & KITP )

Simulation studies of active matter: self-propelled spheres and extensile active nematics - Michael Hagan (Brandeis Univ. & KITP )

Simulations of the Gravity and Magnetic Fields to be Measured by Juno at Jupiter - Gary Glatzmaier (UCSC)

Simultaneous break point detection and variable selection in quantile regression models - A Aue (UC Davis)

Single-Cell Variability of Growth in Bacteria as an Optimization Process - Nathalie Balaban (Hebrew Univ. & KITP )

Singlet-Assisted EWPTs in the Wake of the Higgs - Peter Winslow (UMass & KITP )

Size effects in the fracture of disordered media - Stefano Zapperi (CNR-IENI)

SL(2,R) invariant action for dilaton-axion-electrodynamics with sources - Hyunsoo Min (University of Seoul)

Sloppy Models and how science works - James Sethna (Cornell University & KITP)

Slow-bond effects in TASEP on networks - Yongjoo Baek (Natural Science Research Institute, KAIST)

Sobolev and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalities - Gaspard Jankowiak (U Paris IX)

Software, Test Cases & Software Testing for Nonlinear Programming/Conic Programming/Semidefinite Optimization - M Kocvara (University of Birmingham)

Solar Models and Neutrinos: Latest Developments - Aldo Serenelli (Institute of Space Sciences)

Solution of a class of reaction-diffusion systems via logarithmic Sobolev in- equality - Ivan Gentil (Universite Lyon 1)

Some Extensions of the SM Higgs Sector - Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)

Some Puzzles in the Specific Heat of Iron-Based Superconductors - Greg Stewart (University of Florida & KITP )

Something on brain tumors - Tom Mikkelsen (Henry Ford Hospital )

Space group symmetry, spin-orbit coupling and the low energy effective Hamiltonian for iron based superconductor - Oskar Vafek (Florida State & KITP )

Spacetime Entanglement - Rob Myers (PI)

Spatial avalanches in magnetization dynamics - Gianfranco Durin (INRIM)

Spatial extent of dust from stacking image analysis of SDSS galaxies over IRAS and AKARI maps - Yasushi Suto (Tokyo)

Spatial Learning and Neural Coding in Virtual Reality - Mayank Mehta (UCLA & KITP )

Spectro-Polarimetric Survey of the Lunar Surface - 김성수 (경희대학교 )

Speed Selection in Coupled Fisher Waves - Martin R. Evans (SUPA, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, U.K.)

Speeding up MCMC by Efficient Data Subsampling - R Kohn (Univerisity of New South Wales)

Speeding up MCMC by Efficient Data Subsampling - R Kohn (Univerisity of New South Wales)

Spherical circle coverings and bubbles in foam - T Tarnai (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Spin effects in relativistic strong-field processes - Carsten Müller (Dusseldorf & KITP )

Spin, orbital, and lattice correlations in iron chalcogenide superconductors - John Tranquada (BNL)

Spin/Orbital correlation and glide translational symmetry of Fe-based superconductors - Wei Ku (BNL & KITP )

Spontaneous motion and deformation of a self-propelled droplet - Natsuhiko Yoshinaga (oku Univ. & KITP )

Spontaneous motion and deformation of a self-propelled droplet - Natsuhiko Yoshinaga ( Tohoku Univ. & KITP)

Spontaneous polarization and deformation of active layers - Leonid Pismen (Technion & KITP )

Squeezing and cubic phase gates and the related technologies - A Furusawa (University of Tokyo)

Star Formation at Small Scales: Formation of Circumstellar Disks and Outflows - Kengo Tomida (Princeton & KITP )

Star formation driven galactic winds in FIRE simulations - Dusan Keres (UC San Diego)

Star formation efficiency of halos of different mass and the role of feedback in galaxy formation - Andrey Kravtsov (University of Chicago)

Star formation quenching in low-redshift galaxies - Cheng Li (SHAO)

Star formation self-regulation: concepts and computations - Eve Ostriker (Princeton University)

Star formation, stellar feedback, and their effects on the circum-galactic medium - Claude-André Faucher-Giguère (NWU)

State-of-the-Art - Topology of Quantum Algorithms - J Vicary (University of Oxford)

Statistical Approaches for Rare-Variant Testing in Affected Sibships - Michael Epstein (Emory University)

Statistical Issues in Development and Evaluation of Genetic Risk Prediction Models - Nilanjan Chatterjee (National Cancer Institute)

Statistical mechanics of two-dimensional shuffled foams: prediction of the correlation between geometry and topology - M Durand (Université Paris Diderot)

Statistical Methods for Ambulance Fleet Management - DB Woodard (Cornell University )

Statistical Methods to Prioritize GWAS Results by Integrating Pleiotropy and Annotation - Hongyu Zhao (Yale University)

Statistical Physics of Active Particles: from effective temperature to motility-induced phase separation - Julien Tailleur (Univ. Paris & KITP )

Statistical size effects on a strength obtained from an interpretation of failure as a critical transition - Jérôme Weiss (LGGE, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)

Statistics of frictional families in granular materials - Mark Shattuck (CUNY & KITP)

Status of the Korean ALMA Project and Highlights of Recent ALMA Science - Jongsoo Kim ()

Stein fillings of contact 3-manifolds I - Burak Ozbagci ()

Stein fillings of contact 3-manifolds II - Burak Ozbagci ()

Stein fillings of contact 3-manifolds III - Burak Ozbagci ()

Stellar feedback experiments in a galactic disk with HD and RHD - Joakim Rosdahl (Leiden University)

Sterile Neutrino Implications from Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiments - Bill Louis (LANL)

Strong and local pairing in iron-based superconductors as seen by photoelectrons - Hong Ding (IOP, CAS)

Strong-field atomic ionization with a finite displacement XUV pulse - Anatoli Kheifets (ANU & KITP )

Strongly nonlinear discrete metamaterials: Origin of new wave dynamics - Vitali Nesterenko (UCSD)

Structure of the actin cortical layer and dynamics of cytokinesis - Jean-François Joanny (Curie Institute)

Study Radiation Feedback with Radiation Magneto-hydrodynamic Simulations: From Stars to AGNs - Yan-Fei Jiang (CfA & KITP )

Study tensor mesons in Nonleptonic two-­‐body B_{u,d,s,c} decays - C-­‐D Lu (Ins>tute of High Energy Physics,Beijing)

Studying Galaxy Interactions and Evolution Using N-body/SPH Simulations - Jeong-Sun Hwang ()

Studying Galaxy Interactions and Evolution Using N-body/SPH Simulations - Jeong-Sun Hwang ()

Subaru Weak-Lensing Results from the CLASH Survey - Keiichi Umetsu (ASIAA)

Super-adiabatic Particle Number: Vacuum Particle Production in Real Time - Gerald Dunne (Univ. Conn. & KITP )

Superconductivity in Heavy Fermion Systems: Present Understanding and Recent Surprises - Gertrud Zwicknagl, Braunschweig ( ITP & KITP)

Superconductivity without phonons: An update - Gil Lonzarich (Univ. of Cambridge)

Superconductor, Higgs Mechanism, Higgs Particle - 이기명 (고등과학원)

Superconformal OPE methods for gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking - Andy Stergiou (Yale & KITP )

Supernova Explosion/Simulation - Chris Fryer (LANL)

Surface Wave Effects on Oceanic Fronts, Filaments, and Turbulence - Baylor Fox-Kemper (Brown)

Surfactants in two-phase flow - A Lam (University of Warwick)

Survey Study of Outer Ring Galaxies - 손정주 (한국교원대학교)

Swarming in the dirt: Flocking in the presence of quenched disorder - John Toner (Univ. Oregon & KITP )

Swarming in the dirt: Flocking in the presence of quenched disorder - John Toner (Univ. Oregon & KITP )

Swimming and crawling at microscopic scales: some lessons from 1D model systems - Antonio DeSimone (SISSA & KITP )

Symmetries of Boundary Value Problems: Definitions, Algorithms and Applications to Physically Motivated Problems - R Cherniha (University of Nottingham)

Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking in the Physical World - Choonkyu Lee (SNU)

Symmetry Breaking, Zonostrophic Bifurcation, and Beyond - John Krommes (Princeton University)

Symplectic and Lagrangian surfaces—existence and uniqueness - Tian-Jun Li (University of Minnesota)

Synchronization and liquid crystalline order in soft active matter - Tannie Liverpool (Univ. Bristol & KITP )

Synchronization and Swarming of Clocks and Flocks - Andrew Bernoff (Harvey Mudd University)

System Identification for Quantum Linear Systems - N Yamamoto (Keio University)

Systemic Risk and Central Counterparty Clearing - D Filipovic (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Systemic Risk and Centralized Clearing of OTC Derivatives: A Network Approach - S Borovkova (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Tagged particle diffusion in one dimensional systems with Hamiltonian dynamics - Abhishek Dhar (International centre for theoretical sciences (TIFR), Bangalore)

Temporal changes in Plasmodium falciparum populations in the Gambia - Alfred Amambua-Ngwa (Medical Research Council Unit, Gambia & KITP )

Test of consistency between Planck and WMAP - Arman Shafieloo (APCTP)

Test of Landauer’s principle in a feedback trap - Yonggun Jun (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada)

Test of the universal scaling law of diffusion in colloidal monolayers - Penger Tong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

The 3-3-1-1 Model - Nguyen Thi Thuy (Yonsei University)

The 3d Ising Spectrum Minimizes c - David Simmons-Duffin (Institute for Advanced Study)

The 6d (1,0) and (2,0) SCFTs - Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)

The acrobatics of swimming bacteria - Jeffrey Guasto (Tufts)

The Bernoulli Factory, extensions and applications - KG Latuszynski (University of Warwick)

The BKZ Algorithm - J van de Pol (Univerisity of Bristol )

The cohomology algebra of polyhedral product spaces - Zheng, Qibing (Nankai Univ.)

The cohomology ring structure of the symmetric square of HP^n - Boote, Yumi (Univ. of Manchester)

The complementary statistics to break the cosmic degeneracy - Junsup Shim (SNU)

The convex hull of a space curve - Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley and KAIST)

The Cosmic Web Paradigm - Status & Problems - Jaan Einasto (Tartu)

The curvature-dimension condition with finite N: consequences and transformations - Karl-Theodor Sturm (University of Bonn)

The different modes of star formation at intermediate redshift - Fadia Salmi (KIAS)

The Distribution of Atomic and Molecular Gas in Galaxies - Tony Wong (University of Illinois)

The Distribution of Atomic and Molecular Gas in Galaxies - Tony Wong (University of Illinois)

The effect of disorder on wave propagation: Low-pass filtering in 1D and 3D granular systems - Stefan Luding (Univ. Twente)

The Effective Field Theory of Cosmological Large Scale Structures - Leonardo Senatore (Stanford University)

The ELUCID project - Xiaohu Yang (SJTU)

The emergence of resistant clones in heterogeneous populations - Ville Mustonen (Wellcome Trust Sanger Inst. & KITP )

The envelope Hamiltonian for electron interaction with ultrashort pulses - Jan Rost (MPI PKS & KITP )

The equivariant cohomology rings of Peterson varieties in all Lie types - Horiguchi, Tatsuya (Osaka City Univ.)

The Euro interbank repo market - L Mancini (EPFL)

The evolution of gas and dust in the ISM of high-redshift galaxies - Joseph Muñoz (UCSB )

The evolution of magnetic order in Fe_{1+y}Te compounds with increasing interstitial iron - Natalia Perkins (UW-Madison & KITP )

The exotic pseudogap phase in the cuprates - T. Maurice Rice (ETH Zurich)

The Formation of Large-Scale Vortices in Rotating Convection - David Hughes (Leeds)

The galactic spin of disc galaxies through the SDSS - Bernardo Cervantes Sodi (Korea Institute for Advance Study)

The generalized higher criticism for testing SNP sets in genetic association studies - Ian Barnett (Harvard University)

The ground state wave function of Matrix Theory - Xi Yin (Harvard University)

The high-redshift star formation rate as constrained by Planck - Olivier Dore (JPL)

The hippocampus in space and time - Howard Eichenbaum (Boston University)

The impact of feedback on the ISM - Clare Dobbs (University of Exeter)

The impact of galaxy evolution on star formation - Florent Renaud (Surrey)

The individual properties of galaxies in the LCDM cosmogony; are they controlled by feedback ? - Lucio Mayer (University of Zürich)

The integral cohomology ring of toric orbifolds and weighted projective towers - Song, Jongbaek (KAIST)

The KITP Residence: Location and Summary of Features - Lars Bildsten (KITP Director)

The LAMOST Galactic surveys - Xiaowei Liu (KIAA)

The Least-Perimeter Tile with n Faces - F Morgan (Williams College)

The L^2 geometry of the space of P^1 vortex-antivortex pairs - Martin Speight ()

The Massenger Trajectory Optimisation - S Kemble (Airbus Defence and Space)

The microstructure of charge order in the cuprates, and implications for the pseudogap - Subir Sachdev (Harvard)

The Multiphase Properties of Galactic Winds - Timothy Heckman (JHU & KITP )

The parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system as a gradient flow - Adrien Blanchet (Université de Toulouse)

The pharmaco-, population and evolutionary dynamics of antibiotic treatment: The perversity of parametric reductionism - Bruce Levin (Emory Univ. )

The place of the local group in the cosmic web - Jaime E. Forero-Romero (Los Andes)

The primordial gravitational waves and their detection in the CMB - Wen Zhao (USTC)

The protected bootstrap: Infinite chiral symmetry in four- and six-dimensional superconformal field theories - Leonardo Rastelli (Stony Brook University)

The rates and types of halo interactions - Benjamin L'Huillier (KIAS)

The redshift-space galaxy two-point correlation function and baryon acoustic oscillations - Donghui Jeong (Penn State)

The role of bubble shape in the coarsening of wet 2d foams - D Durian (UPenn Physics)

The role of deleterious mutations in influenza's adaptive (antigenic) evolution - Katia Koelle (Duke Univ. & KITP )

The role of feedback in setting galaxy sizes and angular momentum - Andrey Kravtsov (Univ. of Chicago & KITP )

The role of hydrodynamics in self-organisation of micro-swimmer suspensions - Enkeleida Lushi (Brown & KITP )

The SLH Formalism and Quantum Feedback Networks - M James (Australian National University)

The Square Kilometre Array - 김경묵, 박진태, 방태양, 신지혜, 조창현, 정수진, 현화수 (Kyungpook National University)

The Star Formation Rate-Stellar Mass Correlation: Does the Scatter Matter? - Eric Gawiser (Rutgers)

The statistics of particle tracking: a linchpin in countless biophysical experiments - Thomas Waigh (University of Manchester )

The status of WIMP search and CUP program - Yeongduk Kim (Sejong University)

The structure of reionization in hierarchical galaxy formation models - Han-Seek Kim (Melbourne)

The theory of (2n,k)-manifolds - Terzić, Svetlana (University of Montenegro)

The Volatility of International Migration Flows: Estimating Past Trends in Nordic Countries and Lessons for Forecasting with Uncertainty. - G Abel (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

The World with Broken Symmetries - 이준규 ()

Theoretical Aspects of Black Hole - Galaxy Interaction - 박명구 (경북대학교 천문대기과학과)

Theory and Simulations of Magnetic Island Evolution - Francois Waelbroeck (Institute for Fusion Studies, UT Austin)

Theory of adaptive evolution informed by microbial experiments - P Joyce (University of Idaho)

Theory Summary - Paul Langacker (IAS)

Think globally act locally - Nathan Seiberg (Institute for Advanced Study)

Thoughts Concerning the Origins and Implications of Charge Order in Correlated Electron Fluids - Steve Kivelson (Stanford & KITP)

Three, four or more? The status and future of 3+N studies - Janet Conrad (MIT & KITP)

Three-generation models in heterotic asymmetric orbifolds - Shogo Kuwakino (Chung Yuan Christian U., Taiwan)

Time and Quantum Mechanics - Time and Quantum Mechanics (Univ P&M Curie & KITP)

Topics in Capillary Fluid Statics - SH Collicott (Purdue University)

Topological edge and surface states of superfluid 3He and chiral superconductors - Jim Sauls (NWU)

Topological Ideas in Condensed Matter Systems - 유재준 (서울대)

Topological Solitons &symmetry Breaking - 이필진 ()

Toric varieties and finite domination of chain complexes - Huettemann, Thomas (Queen’s Univ.)

Torsions of cohomology of real toric manifolds - Park, Hanchul (KIAS)

Torus fibrations and localization of index - Yoshida, Takahiko (Meiji Univ.)

Towards global existence and optimal equilibration rates for reaction- diffusion-systems - Klemens Fellner ( University of Graz)

Towards higher Tc topological superconductors - Eun-Ah Kim ((Cornell)

Towards Self-consistent Modeling of Star Formation and the Initial Mass Function - Aake Nordlund (University of Copenhagen)

Tracer diffusion in a dilute swimmer suspension - Julia Yeomans (Oxford & KITP )

Tracing high redshift cosmic web with quasar systems - Maret Einasto (Tartu)

Truncated stochastic approximation with moving bounds - T Sharia (University of London )

Tutorial: Basic Bacteriology - Dan Andersson (Uppsala Univ & KITP )

Twisted N = 4 Super Yang-Mills Theory in Ω-background - Hiroaki Nakajima (National Taiwan University)

Two-dimensional partition functions, elliptic genera and dualities - Francesco Benini (Stony Brook University & KITP )

Ultrafast Processes in Solids: fs PEEM and ARUPS Studies - Martin Aeschlimann (Kaiserslautern Univ., Germany)

Uncertainties in the Reactor Neutrino Anomaly - Anna Hayes-Sterbenz (LANL)

Unconventional superconductivity and nearby states in correlated f-electron metals - Joe D. Thompson (LANL)

Unconventional Transducers: Novel Paths to Light, Magnetism, and Mechanics - Daniel Park (Seoul National Univ.)

Unified Theory of Inertial Granular Flows and Non-Brownian Suspensions - Matthieu Wyart (New York University & KITP)

Universal quake statistics: From nanocrystals to earthquakes - Karin Dahmen (UIUC)

Universal Statistics of Records in Random Sequences - Satya N. Majumdar (Universite Paris-Sud, France)

Using WKB Theory in Phase Space for Simulating the Weakly Nonlinear Dynamics of Internal Gravity Waves - Mark Fruman (Goethe)

Validated earthquake prediction: Seismicity modeling, statistical analysis, and forecast testing - Yan Kagan (UCLA)

Vector partition functions and the topology of multiple weight varieties - Takakura, Tatsuru (Chuo University)

Vibrated granular layers and bacterial suspensions: An experimental overview - Arshad Kudrolli (Clark University & KITP)

Vibrational modes: Effects of particle shape and loading history - Karen Daniels (NCSU)

Violation of fluctuation-dissipation theorem in nonequilibrium systems - Sourabh Lahiri ()

Viscoelastic properties of cells and soft tissues: comparison and contrast with polymer networks - Paul Janmey (University of Pennsylvania)

Visual Distortions in Macular Degeneration: Quantitative Diagnosis and Correction - Walter Kohn, Jim Klingshirn (UCSB )

Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind with Jump Discontinuous Kernels - D Sidorov (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Vulnerable Banks - A Landier (Université de Toulouse)

Wall crossing and family Floer homology - Kenji Fukaya ()

Waste Not, Want Not: Why Rarefying Microbiome Data is not an optimal normalization procedure - S Holmes (Stanford University )

Watching the hippocampal network learn during trace conditioning: sequential activity and correlations - Upinder Bhalla (NCBS & KITP )

Wave-Mean Flow Interactions in Astrophysical Discs and Stars - Gordon Ogilvie (Cambridge)

Wave-Mean-Flow Interactions in Oscillatory Double-Diffusive Convection - Pascale Garaud (UCSC)

Waves and Mean Flows - Oliver Bühler (Courant)

Web formalism and the IR limit of 1+1 N=(2,2) QFT – or – A short ride with a big machine - Gregory Moore (Ruters University)

What can GPU computing do for numerical simulations? - Rastko Sknepnek (University of Dundee & KITP )

What drives the weather changes? - Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann)

What Happens Inside a Unit Cell Matters – Effects of Umklapp Processes on Correlated Materials - Wei-Cheng Lee (SUNY-Binghamton & KITP )

What we learn about super-intense interactions from intermediate intensity experiments - Paul Corkum (Univ. Ottawa )

When Micro Prudence increases Macro Risk: The Destabilizing Effects of Financial Innovation, Leverage, and Diversification - F Lillo (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)

Where are the Neutrino Events with Energy above 2 PeV? - Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt University)

Whole-Exome Sequence Scan in Pedigrees and Controls: Applications and Co-Segregation Methods - Dan Schaid (Mayo Clinic)

Why are Banks Highly Interconnected? - A Lehar (University of Calgary)

Why We Shouldn't Try to Predict Financial Risk - C Rogers (University of Cambridge)

Wigner Crystals in the Lowest Landau Level - Kwon Park (KIAS)

Wild Binary Segmentation for multiple change-point detection - P Fryzlewicz (London School of Economics)

Wild swarms of midges linger at the edge of an ordering phase transition - Irene Giardina (CUNY)

Wilson lines in higher spin gravity - Alejandra Castro (University of Amsterdam)

Wilsonian and Large N Approaches to Non-Fermi Liquids - Liam Fitzpatrick (Stanford & KITP )

Winds and their impact in simulations of Milky Way-sized galaxies - Volker Springel (HITS)

Work in progress: Flow and phase separation of active spinners - Jonathan Selinger (Kent State University )

Zee-Babu model for neutrino mass and Dark Matter - Seungwon Baek (KIAS)

Zonal Flow Induced by Libration in a Spherical Shell - Stefan Le Dizes (Aix-Marseilles)

“A Glance at Persian and Mughal Painting” – Special Lecture - Valerie Gonzalez ()

암흑물질탐사의 역사 - 김주한 (고등과학원)

일반물리학 강의노트(10장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(11장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(12장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(13장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(14장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(1장~3장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(4장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(5장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(6장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(7장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(8장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

일반물리학 강의노트(9장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

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