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A chemotaxis model with metric of food - Sun-Ho Choi (NIMS)

A nonlocal system modelling the spread of epidemics on networks - Eliabeth Logak (University of Cergy-Pontoise, France)

Advances in dark matter direct detection - Riccardo Catena (Göttingen)

aining box-shaped gamma-ray features with CTA - Anna Lamperstorfer (TUM)

Algebraic Statistical Mechanics - Jean-Marie Maillard ()

An integral lift of contact homology - Joanna Nelson (IAS)

An Introduction to Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods - 박은희 (강원대학교)

Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process: Integrable Structure and Limit Theorems - Craig Tracy ()

Behaviour of zero modes for a one-dimensional Dirac operator arising in models of graphene - D Elton (Lancaster University)

Bistable nonlinearity having a discontinuity - Jaywan Chung (NIMS)

Cell aggregation without gradient-sensing - Changwook Yoon (KAIST)

Characterizing force-chain network architecture in granular materials - Danielle Bassett (University of Pennsylvania)

Chern-Simons theory, analytic continuation and number theory - Stavros Garoufalidis (Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA)

Concentration Compactness for the Critical Maxwell Klein Gordon Equation - Joachim Krieger (EPEL)

Continuity and resurgence in asymptotically free QFTs - Aleksey Cherman (FTPI, University of Minnesota)

Correlations of the Planar Ising Model - Nicholas Witte (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Critical manifolds in pure and quenched random systems from topological graph polynomials - Jesper Jacobsen (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)

CSOS Model & Chiral Potts Model: Degeneracy of the Eigenspace and Quantum Loop Algebra - Helen Au-Yang (Oklahoma State University)

Dark Matter at colliders - P.J. Fox (Fermi Lab)

Dark matter searches through anistropies and cross-correlations - N. Fornengo (Torino)

Dark matters in radiative neutrino model - Seungwon Baek (KIAS)

Dark radiation - Fuminobu Takahashi (Tohoku)

Deformations of N=2 SCFTs and their Coulomb branch geometries - Philip Argyres ()

Detection of boosted dark matter - Jong-Chul Park (SKKU)

Diffusion with non-constant steady states - Yong Jung Kim (KAIST)

Direct detection of Dirac dark matter with a charged mediator - Sebastian Wild (TUM)

Discrete Lattice Models 1 - C Hongler (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Discrete spectrum of Schroedinger operators with oscillating decaying potentials - G Raikov (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

DM constraints from the CMB - Tracy Slatyer (MIT)

Drawing maps - V Beffara (ENS - Lyon, Universität Bonn)

Electroweak Kaluza-Klein Dark matter - Dong Woo Kang (SKKU)

Equivariant unitary bordism and equivariant cohomology Chern numbers - Zhi LU (Fudan Univ.)

Exact overlaps in the Kondo problem - Sergei Lukyanov ()

Exponential dynamical localization in N-particle Anderson models on graphs with long-range interaction via Fractional Moment Analysis - V Tchoulaevski (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne)

Fire sales, endogenous risk and price-mediated contagion - R Cont (Imperial College London/CNRS)

Form Factors and Large Distance Asymptotics of Correlation Functions of the XXZ Chain in the Massive Regime - Frank Goehmann (Bergische Universiat Wuppertal Fachgruppe Physik)

Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos 1 - R Rhodes (Université Paris-Dauphine)

Global existence and Finite time blow-up of a parabolic-ODE type Keller-Segel system - Jaewook Ahn (Yonsei University)

Google maps and improper Poisson line processes - W Kendall (University of Warwick)

Higgsino-singlino dark matter at IceCube and PINGU - Shoaib Munir (APCTP)

Higher Multiplet Dark Matter - Takashi Toma (LPT Orsay)

Higher-order Fourier Analysis and Applications - Pooya Hatami (IAS)

Hunting Dark Penguins at Colliders - Yu-Hhsin Tsai (UC Davis)

Information, entropy and all that - 지동표 (UNIST & SNU)

Integrability vs Non-integrability: Exact Results, Scaling, Corrections to Scaling, Natural Boundaries - Jacques H.H Perk (Oklahoma State University)

Integrability, Solvability and Enumeration - Tony Guttmann (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Interpreting the IceCube events by decaying dark matter: hints and constraints - Arman Esmaili (Gran Sasso National Lab, L'Aquila)

Introduction to periodic operators I - P Kuchment (Texas A&M University)

Inverse Cascade and Mean Flows in Wave Turbulence - Natalia Vladimirova (New Mexico)

Joint Math/SCGP Colloquium: Integrability and non-integrability in hard lattices gases and the Ising model in a magnetic field - Jesper Jacobsen (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)

Macroscopic Convergence of a Microscopic Kinetic Model to Starvation Driven Di ffusion - Beomjun Choi (NIMS & Columbia University)

Microscopic approach to correlation functions in 1D quantum critical models - Jean-Michel Maillet (CNRS)

Mixed axion/Higgsino dark matter - Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)

New Directions in Solar WIMP Searches - Carsten Rott (SKKU)

Non-integrable Quantum Field Theories and Kink Confinement - Giuseppe Mussardo ()

Non-linear integral equation approach to sl(2|1) integrable network models - Andreas Kluemper ()


ogonal polynomials II - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

On cuspidality of global Arthur packets of quasi-split classical groups - Baiying Liu (IAS)

On regularity for the Chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes Equations - Kyungkeun Kang (Yonsei University, Korea )

On the bottom quark contribution to Dark Matter direct-detection - Jinmian Li (Adeleide)

On the Resurgent Asymptotics of Gauge and String Theories - Ricardo Schiappa (University of Lisbon & CERN)

On the Resurgent Asymptotics of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories - Ines Aniceto (Jagiellonian University, Krakow)

On the Resurgent Asymptotics of Topological String Theories - Marcel Vonk ()

One-point Functions in sinh-Gordon model and on-shell Yang-Yang Action - Fedor Smirnov ()

Orthogonal polynomials I - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Orthogonal polynomials III - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Orthogonal polynomials IV - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Orthogonal polynomials V - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Orthogonal polynomials VI - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Orthogonal polynomials VII - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Orthogonal polynomials VIII - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

Overlapping Schwarz Methods - 조덕빈 (동국대학교)

Primus inter pares: Integrable Field Theories Among Common Ones - Alexander Zamolodchikov ()

Probing the higgsinos at the LHC - Chengcheng han (APCTP)

Quantum helps classical - 지동표 (UNIST & SNU)

Quark-phobic Dark Matter - Zhaofeng Kang (KIAS)

Random band matrices: delocalization and universality - Tetiana Scherbyna (IAS)

Random Planar Maps 1 - G Miermont (ENS - Lyon)

Recent developments of the mixed Andre-Oort conjecture - Ziyang Gao ()

Recent progress on random walk in groups - Robert Hough (IAS)

Resurgence and trans-series in physics - Gerald Dunne (University of Connecticut)

Resurgence, ghost instantons and Picard-Lefschetz theory - Gokce Basar (University of Maryland)

Review of asymmetric dark matter - R.R. Volkas (Melbourne)

Scale Invariant Extension of the Standard Model with QCD-like hidden sector - Dong-Won Jung (KIAS)

Schramm-Loewner Evolution 1 - V Beffara (ENS - Lyon)

Self-Interacting Dark Matter and Sterile Neutrinos - Yong Tang (KIAS)

Self-similar solutions for a thin film Muskat problem - Philippe Laurencot (University of Toulouse, France )

Several cases where physics constrains computation, Several cases where computation constrains physics - 지동표 (UNIST & SNU)

Singular solutions and the completeness of the XXX and XXZ spin chains through the loop algebra symmetry - Tetsuo Deguchi (Ochanomizu University)

Slowing Allee effect vs accelerating heavy tails in population dynamics models - Matthieu Alfaro (University of Montpellier, France )

Smoothings of surface singularities(Lecture 2) - Jacob Fowler (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill )

Solvability of the Dirac equation and geometric applications - Qingchun JI (Fudan Univ.)

Some recent results for cross diffusion equations - Laurent Desvillettes (CMLA, ENS Cachan)

SOS and 8-vertex models – Recent developments - Veronique Terras (CNRS & Universite Paris Sud, France)

Stabilizing the Axion by Strong Dynamics - Kai Schmitz (IPMU)

SU(2)_X vector dark matter and Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess - Takaaki Nomura (NCKU)

Symplectic capacities from Hamiltonian circle actions - Dong Youp SUH (KAIST)

Tales of Our Forefathers - B Simon (California Institute of Technology)

The "Inside story" of black hole stability - Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton University/ University of Cambridge)

The axion dark matter research plan at CAPP - Yannis Semertzidis (IBS-CAPP)

The axion dark matter research plan at CAPP - Yannis Semertzidis (IBS-CAPP)

The Dirac electron and the Kerr-Newman spacetime - A. Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh (Department of Mathematics Rutgers- New Brunswick)

The Effect of Starvation Driven Diffusion in a Prey-Predator Model - Dohyun Kwon (NIMS)

The effects of starvation driven diffusion on the dynamics of populations - Ohsang Kwon (Chungbuk National University)

The maximally supersymmetric 6-dim theories - Kimyeong Lee ()

The status of the GeV galactic center excess - Illias Cholis (Fermi Lab)

The Z-invariant massive Laplacian on isoradial graphs - C Boutillier (Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI)

Toward a new formalization of real numbers - Catherine Lelay (IAS)

Transseries and resurgence in general nonlinear ODEs with examples from the Painleve systems - Ovidiu Costin ()

Traveling Waves and Steady States for S-K-T Competition Model with Cross-Diffusion - Yaping Wu (Capital Normal University, China)

Two Results on Formation of Trapped Surfaces - Xinliang An (Department of Mathematics, Ruters University)

Type theory and formalization of mathematics - Anders Mörtberg (IAS)

Univalent foundations and the equivalence principle - Benedikt Ahrens ()

What Integrability has to do with Topology - Paul Fendley (University of Oxford)

What is QFT? Resurgence, transseries, and Lefschetz thimbles - Mithat Unsal (North Carolina State University)

Winding energies in two-parameter deformation of O(4) non-linear sigma model - Sergei Lukyanov ()

WKB method to analytically solve 1D Schrodinger equation (polynomial potential) - Andre Voros (Institut de Physique Theorique, CEA-Saclay, France)

XXZ Spin Chains with Generic Boundaries - Nikolai Kitanine (IMB, Universite de Bourgogne)

[Algebra Seminar] Introduction to vertex operator algebras I (of 3) - Yongchang Zhu (HKUST)

[Algebra Seminar] Introduction to vertex operator algebras II (of 3) - Yongchang Zhu (HKUST)

[Algebra Seminar] Introduction to vertex operator algebras III (of 3) - Yongchang Zhu (HKUST)

[Algebra Seminar] The geometry of cluster varieties I (of 3) - Dylan Allegretti (Yale University )

[Algebra Seminar] The geometry of cluster varieties II (of 3) - Dylan Allegretti (Yale University )

[Algebra Seminar] The geometry of cluster varieties III (of 3) - Dylan Allegretti (Yale University)

양자정보과학 I - 김재완 (KIAS)

양자정보과학 II - 김재완 (KIAS)

이자율 파생상품의 이해 I - 전인태 (가톨릭 대학교)

개인정보보호정책 l 이메일주소집단수집금지 l 뷰어다운로드