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아래의 Preprint 서버들은 The International Mathematical Union(IMU)의 연결 목록들을
참고하였습니다. 다른 형식의 리스트를 보고 싶으면 아래의 Meta Index로 연결해 보십시요.
Meta Index
XXX Mathematics Archive
UC Davis front end for the xxx mathematics archive, maintained at Los Alamos.
Mathmetics Preprints and Reports (e-Math)
INDEX: W3 Virtual Library - Preprints (Florida SU)
The Multidisciplinary Preprint Platform
General Preprint Servers
AMS Preprint Server (AMSPPS) - MSC index
American Mathematical Society.

Berlin FU Mathematics Publications
Free University of Berlin

Berlin HU Mathematics Publications
Humbold University of Berlin (HUB)

Berlin TU Mathematics Preprints - ftp
Technical University of Berlin

Chemnitz TU, Mathematics Publications - ftp

CMS Mathematics Preprints
Canadian Mathematical Society.

Duisburg U, Mathematics Preprints - lists only

Duke U Mathematics Preprints

Duke and MSRI Mathematics E-prints - Ginsparg server

Erlangen U, Applied Mathematics Articles

ESI Mathematics and Physics Preprints
Preprints of the International Erwin Schr?inger Institute for Mathematical Physics (ESI),
Vienna, Austria.

Florida SU Mathematics E-Prints

Freiburg U, Mathematics Preprints

Halle-Wittenberg U, Technical Reports

Hanover U, Mathematics Preprints

IMS Mathematics Preprints (SUNY Stony Brook)
Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Stony Brook, USA.

Kaiserslautern U, Technical Reports - Harvest
A searchable database.

Kiel U Mathematics Reports

LANL High Energy Physics Preprints
Paul Ginsparg's preprint server at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA. It is included
here because its preprint distribution service became a technical model for some
mathematical archivestoo.

Louvain U, Mathematics Preprints
Preprints of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Louvain, Belgium.
There is a project to group the preprint servers from different universities of Belgium.

Magdeburg U Mathematics Preprints

MPI Computer Science (Saarbruecken)
Research Reports of the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science,
Saarbruecken, Germany.

MSRI Mathematics Preprints Archive - Ginsparg Server
Preprint collection at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute with a searchable
forms interface; includes preprints on Algebraic Geometry, Automorphic Forms, Complex
Dynamics and Hyperbolic Geometry, Differential Geometry and global Analysis, Functional
Analysis, and Quantum Algebra and Topology.

Muenster U, Mathematics Publications

North Western U Mathematics Preprints

Oklahoma SU Mathematical Preprints

Osnabrueck U Mathematics Preprints

RUTCOR Research Reports (Rutgers U)
Rutgers Center for Operations Research (RUTCOR) at Rutgersd Univesity, USA.

SFB 343 Mathematics Preprints (Bielefeld U) - ftp

SFB 343 Mathematics Preprints (Osnabrueck U)

Stuttgart U, Mathematics Preprints - list only

Trier U, Mathematics Publications

Ulm U, Mathematics Publications

WIAS (Berlin), Research Publications

Wisconsin U Mathematics Preprints
Subject specified Preprint Servers

Algebraic Geometry (Duke U & MSRI) - Ginsparg server

Algebraic Number Theory Archive (U Illinois at Urbana)
Also algebraic geometry preprints.

Algebraic (Hopf) Topology (Purdue U)
Maintained by Clarence Wilkerson, Purdue University.

Automorphic Forms (Duke U & MSRI) - Ginsparg server

Cellular Automata (ANU)
Australian National University.

Combinatorics E-prints (LANL)
The purpose of the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Combinatorics E-print Server
(LACES) is to provide rapid access to current research in combinatorics, and to serve
as a searchable and browsable access point for resources in discrete mathematics.

Complex Dynamics (SUNY Stony Brook)

Differential Geometry and Global Analysis (Duke U & MSRI) - Ginsparg server

Field Arithmetic Archive (Negev U)
This archive stores electronic preprints on the arithmetic of fields, Galois theory, model
theory of fields, and related topics. It is located at Ben Gurion University in Be'er-Sheva,

Functional Analysis (Sissa)

Geometry Analysis (U Massachusetts, Amherst)

Homogenization and Optimal Design (EURO-HOM)
Preprints of the EURO-Homogenization project

Interior-Point Archive (ANL)
The Interior-Point Archive contains new preprints in the field of interior-point methods.
It has been operating since December 1994 and is fairly comprehensive. It is tied to a
mailing list; there are instructions on the web page for joining the mailing list.
Contribution by: Stephen Wright, ANL E-mail: wright@mcs.anl.gov

K-Theory Preprint Archives (Illinois U, Urbana)
This archive is managed by Daniel R. Grayson and Rick Jardine.

Logic (Indiana U)

Logic Eprints (U Florida) - WAIS

Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive (U Texas Austin)

Nonlinear Science Archive (CNLS, LANL)
Coordinated by the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Number Theory and Algebra - Hasse Server (Munich TU)
Announcements, preprints and abstracts of publications in the areas of algebra, group
theory and number theory from the Mathematical Institute of the TU Munich. A database of
algebraic number fields is in preparation. This server is maintained by G. Niklasch,

Numerical Analysis (Oxford U)
Research Reports from the Numerical Analysis Group of the computing laboratory at Oxford
University, UK.

Numerical Analysis (RAL, UK)
Technical reports from the Numerical Analysis Group, Computing and Information Systems
Department, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, United Kingdom.

Optimization Reports - ftp

Optimization (Braunschweig TU)

Optimization (Graz TU)

Organic Mathematics (Simon Fraser U)

Porous Media Preprints (Munich U)

Pure Mathematics (U East Anglia)

Quantum Algebra and Topology (Duke U & MSRI) - Ginsparg server

Representations and Cohomology of Groups (U Georgia)

Scientific Computing Publications (GSCI)
A list of various publications (preprints, tech reports, etc.) maintained by the German
Interest Group in Scientific Computing of the DMV.

Wavelets (Salzburg U)
Contains links to a number of related WWW- and ftp-Server.
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